1 Poverty: pages 1 – 5

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The Liberal Reforms 1906 to 1914

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Poverty: pages 1 – 5

Put today’s date and copy the title into your exercise book. Find page 1 in the script and use it to answer the following questions as fully as you can. (Answer in full sentences)

  1. According to Chris Heavens and Alice Jones, how many ordinary British citizens fall below the poverty line?

  2. Why might some people say this is a ‘national disgrace’?

Find page 2 and use it to answer the following questions:

  1. Find three threats to public health in the first 12 lines. Draw a large poo with wisps of smell and flies rising from it. Write the threats to health inside the poo. Label the diagram: Threats to public health in York in 1906.

  2. What was life expectancy for working class men and women in York at this time?

  3. What was the average height of a working class man? How tall are you?

Find page 3 and use it to answer the following questions:

  1. Find 2 reasons why working class people got rickets.

  2. Who was Joseph Rowntree and what makes him an expert on the working class in York?

Find page 4 and use it to answer the following questions:

  1. Rowntree gives 3 facts about poverty in York, in Britain and in London. Draw three boxes and write the 3 facts inside the boxes.

  2. Charles Booth discovered that people fell into poverty because of factors beyond their control. Explain what these factors were.

  3. Copy and fill in the missing words:

In 1899, the Boer ____ broke out. Many working class men volunteered to fight but ___% of them were too unhealthy to join the army. This was a shock to the government because Europe was dividing into two armed camps and many believed Germany and her allies were a threat to Great Britain. Germany already had sickness and unemployment ___________ so German workers were healthier than British workers. The government set up a ________ Commission in 1905 to make changes to the Poor ______. The Liberal Party believed the government had to act to improve public health but many Conservatives believed in laisser ________. They did not think it was right for a government to interfere in people’s lives.

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