1. Name the syndrome that was observed in the patient

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Problem №1

Patient B., 28 years old, was under observation in the hospital for two months. Complaints icteric staining of the skin and mucous membranes, weakness, nausea, itching. Malaise appeared soon after birth. The liver is enlarged, painful. Blood - direct bilirubin 82 mmol / L, bilirubin detected in urine, urobilin no reaction to sterkobelin weakly positive, ER - 3.8 × 1012 / L, NV - 110 g / l. The patient performed the operation, which resulted from the common bile duct stone removed, which completely covers the gap.

1. Name the syndrome that was observed in the patient.

2. Identify the cause of its development.

3. To explain its mechanism.

4. Explain why the blood found direct bilirubin.

5. Explain why the urine in this syndrome is not urobilin?

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