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Highlights of our Summer Programs for Children and Youth

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Highlights of our Summer Programs for Children and Youth
IRTC Teen Program Summer Highlights

The summer IRTC group had an eventful 6 weeks. We dedicated 1 day a week to volunteering at The Good Shepherd men’s shelter making beds, sorting snacks and folding linens putting into practice their O&M and ILS skills. Our students also worked on keyboarding skills, social skills development, kitchen safety, money identification and strategies for organization at home and at school. Orientation and mobility skills were taught and re- enforced regularly. We were fortunate to be able to go to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab to use their Snoezelen pool which was like a day at the spa for our students and volunteers. Other summer highlights included a touch tour at the AGO, bowling and grocery shopping trips, as well as hiking and picnics at a local park. Our students finished the program successfully and look forward to the upcoming school year.

Summer Camp Toronto Region 2010

Due to the high interest generated from our March Break 2010 children’s program, CNIB Toronto region is proud to say we were able to offer two summer camps for children; one for kids aged 6-9, the other for 10-14 year olds. Both camps were run by groups of dedicated and enthusiastic service staff and volunteers.

In the 6-9 year old group, the children enjoyed a full week of indoor and outdoor activities designed to capture the imagination, stimulate the mind, body, and senses all in the name of fun! Children had a blast participating in competitive relay races, practicing their shot in basketball, and working on their throw in bowling. Percussion musicians from Bloorview Spiral Gardens, an integrated art, garden and play program, taught the children how to listen for and create musical rhythmic patterns- a feat thoroughly enjoyed by all.
A trip to the movies, via public bus travel, to see Toy Story, was an excellent opportunity for the kids to interact and solidify friendships. Also enjoyed, was an outing to Centre Island again involving bus travel as well as ferry travel. Here the kids enjoyed amusement rides, pony rides, and a picnic in the park. Invited guest Patricia, from Beading Buds, instructed the children in the craft of bracelet making, an activity to work on fine motor skills and tactile discrimination. Another guest, Yolanta, from Creature Quest, thrilled the children with her hands on presentation of various reptilian creatures. The kids touched and held a guinea pig, a skinny pig, a slimy tree frog, a young python, a baby alligator and more!
The week ended on a high note with the children presenting three plays they had been practicing all week, Goldilocks, the Three Little Pigs, and Little Red Riding Hood to a delighted audience of family and friends. The children then, along with their guests, snacked on cookies and Rice Krispie treats they had made earlier in the day. Camp ended with the children receiving graduation certificates and applause for being fully active participants in a week filled with fun.
Tween’s Summer Program

In the 10-14 year old group had a action packed week filled with activities designed to be fun while reinforcing a variety of life skills. Some of the activities offered were outings to the following place:

  • Local grocery store to pick up items for a cooking competition (Iron Chef),

  • Art Gallery of Ontario to experience accessible art,

  • Centre Island where they experience tandem cycling, a maze and other various sports and games,

  • Splash Park

  • In houses activities include a karate and dance lesson as well as cooking competition.

Some of the skills reinforced included route planning and subway, bus and street car travel, social skills, gross and fine motor skills, team work and sharing, and cooking skills.
So successful were both camps, many parents and children alike expressed their wishes for CNIB to extend the camp next summer. CNIB Toronto looks forward to again offering summer camps in 2011 and fully anticipates extending each to be two weeks in length.

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