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SCORE - Skills Confidence and Opportunities Through Recreation and Education

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2. SCORE - Skills Confidence and Opportunities Through Recreation and Education
SCORE 2010 is a fantastic opportunity created by CNIB to assist adolescent clients from across Canada. SCORE is a two week intensive summer program for 16 to 18 year olds who are blind or partially sighted. This program has a strong focus on leadership, personal development, post-secondary and career preparation.
The first week of the SCORE programming takes place at the CNIB Lake Joseph Centre. Here students have the opportunity to do many things in its fully accessible facility. Many activities are offered there such as canoeing, tubing, tandem bicycling and many more. It’s not all fun and games, this program does include many helpful workshops.
SCORE aims to help students build skills such as confidence and leadership that will be important for their future success. The four primary themes are teamwork, leadership, personal development and civic responsibility.
The second week takes place in Toronto. Here the students are required to participate in a 3 day community service project. They have a choice of volunteering with either Habitat for Humanity, Toronto Urban Garden, Good Shepherd Homeless Centre, Royal Ontario Museum or High Park Nature Centre. Every year, students have a great time volunteering and are sad to leave by the end. The community placement program gives all of the students a good chance to get work experience and to give back to the community.
The program also has a post secondary night. Topics include advocacy, accessibility services and the opportunity to talk to other students with vision loss. During the time spent in Toronto students stay at the Ryerson university residence so they get a glimpse of university life. Career Night is the highlight of the program! Students have the opportunity to talk with successful professionals who are living with vision loss and they are open to ask any questions they want.
The program also has a recreation component to promote fun alongside learning about healthy, balanced lifestyles and physical activity. Participants learn important advocacy skills and learn from the successes and challenges of their peers with vision loss.
Learning during this program does not strictly happen during scheduled instructional time. Learning happens all the time. The students are constantly learning from each other and learning the necessary social skills of life. Score gives the students opportunities to try things that they may never have had a chance to try. SCORE does not only impact the student’s lives during the two weeks it is run, it is a far reaching program that will affect the students for the rest of their lives. SCORE teaches its participants the skills necessary to become an active member of the community and gives them the confidence to go out into their communities, and make a difference.
Independent Living Skills and Orientation and Mobility are a big part of SCORE. An Independent Living Skills Specialist is on staff to teach the students tips and strategies for living independently away from home for the first time. SCORE is a great opportunity for students to further develop their O&M skills as well. An O&M specialist works with them in a group setting and on an individual basis to help foster their skills and increase independence. By having Toronto as a setting the students have the opportunity to learn about the subway, busses and how to commute in a busy urban environment.
In order to participate in this program students are required to fill out an online application form and questionnaire that are due in early spring. Applicants must also submit a reference letter from a teacher, CNIB staff member or community group leader. Following that there is a short telephone interview. Information for next year’s program will be available on the CNIB website in January 2011 or send your questions to score@cnib.ca .
Nick Lebrun, CNIB Program Coordinator, Child and Youth

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