1. Greetings From Susan Howe, aer canadian Representative score skills Confidence and Opportunities Through Recreation and Education

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AER Bulletin
AER Canada

Volume 1, Issue 2

Fall 2010
1. Greetings From Susan Howe, AER Canadian Representative
2. SCORE - Skills Confidence and Opportunities Through Recreation and Education
3. Update on Canadian Membership
4. Ontario AER Outlook
5. Upcoming Events & Dates to Remember
6. Unified English Braille (UEB) – A Short Course
7. Coping Strategies for Living with Macular Degeneration
8. AER International Conference 2010

July 21-25, 2010 Little Rock, Arkansas
9. M.O.M. Conference

1. Greetings From Susan Howe, AER Canadian Representative
Dear Friends in AER
Welcome back.  I hope you have experienced a great summer and that you are rested and refreshed for the year ahead.  
This was an exciting summer for AER, especially for those who attended the Conference in Little Rock.  I had the pleasure of meeting with the Canadian delegates, and although my AER duties kept me from attending the restaurant social with them, I know they had a great time renewing friendships and getting to know each other.
The conference was a great success.  The diverse program ensured something for everyone, and the program did exactly what Sandy Ruconich, 2010 International Conference Program Committee Chair, predicted.  We were informed and challenged in countless ways.  The MacFarland Seminar on “Brain Injury and Vision Loss: Medical Insights into Our New Challenge” made us far more aware of the results of brain injury, even seemingly minor head injuries occurring in sports, and the precautions that need to be taken. 

Kudos to Sandy, members of the Program Committee and, Jim Gandorf and the staff at central office, for making this one of the most successful AER conferences.  Well Done! 

I have the honour of serving you in AER for the next two years.  I thank all of you who put your trust in me by voting for me.  It promises to be a challenging year for the International Board of Directors.  We are saddened at the resignation of Jim Gandorf, our Executive Director.  During the 4 years of Jim’s tenure, membership has been increased, new regional conferences have been created and a new scholarly journal (with our own Debra Gold as the Editor in Chief) has been created.  Although many difficult decisions were made, Jim led us through a financial recovery program that is ensuring the survival of AER, which is no easy feat during this economic recession.  Jim has always been supportive to our Canadian members, and we shall all miss him very much, but we wish him all the best in his new professional opportunity. 
As some of you may know, I have decided to formally retire from a career in the field of vision at the W. Ross Macdonald School in Brantford that has spanned 43 years.  It was a difficult decision for me, since this has been a profession that has provided me with far more than I have ever given.  I learned so much from colleagues, professionals, parents and families, but more importantly from the children and students with whom I have served.  I have had great mentors who have helped to shape my career, but I wish to acknowledge two very special people who have contributed to this profession more than anyone I know.  David Neill, former Superintendent, W.Ross Macdonald School, Brantford, who inspired me to go beyond my safety net and embark on different journeys and Evelyn Chorniak King, former Principal, W. Ross Macdonald School, who encouraged me to be the best I could be, and who led me where I needed to go.  
Under the capable leadership of our President, Pat Leader, AER, I have faith that AER will continue to become stronger, especially during this time of transition and economic recession. My retirement now means that I have more time to serve you, our Canadian members, to ensure Canada continues to have a voice in AER.  I look forward to continuing to work with Dan Vodon, and you, the Canadian members, in the next two years.  
Susan Howe

Canadian Representative to the International Board


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