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The "Periphery Principle"

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The "Periphery Principle"

It deeply marked the first initiatives taken by Needham.

- The constitution of Field Scientific Co-operation Offices in Latin America, Egypt and China in 1947, in India in 1948. These offices were to support local scientists and to promote scientific research in these regions.

- The proposal of international laboratories, such as a Computing Centre in Asia, and the Amazon Institute in Brazil. Due to political context in Brazil, the later one hardly started in 48, and after stopped. Needham proposed Asia to locate the Computing Centre, as compensation to the destruction of the Japanese synchrotron by the United States Air Forces at the end of the war. But after Needham's departure, Unesco decided to locate this centre in Europe.

- The organization of regional scientific conferences, the first one being in Montevideo, September 48.14

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