1. Causes of W. W. 1 List four of the main causes of the Great War

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Mr. Martin's World War 1 Internet Scavenger Hunt


1.  Causes of W. W. 1

List four of the main causes of the Great War.

a. _______________________________________________________

b. _______________________________________________________

c. _______________________________________________________

d. _______________________________________________________


2.     The Assassin Strikes!



________________ On what day in 1914 was the Archduke Ferdinand assassinated in Sarajevo?



3. The First To Declare War


________________ Which nation was the first to declare war?


4.  Posters from the Great War

_______________ Choose the poster you like best. (Click to enlarge.) What is the poster trying to get people to do? 


5.  U-Boats Assassins of the Seas

Read the brief description of the sinking of the Lusitania at the bottom of the page. What is your opinion? Did the Germans have a right to sink the ship? Explain why or why not.


6.  Wartime Cartoons

________________ In one of these propaganda cartoons, who are the German soldiers shown executing?

7.  Thumbnail Bio

__________________ What was the nickname of Manfred von Richthofen?

8.  The Great War - Interviews

__________________ According to the author, what was the first thing one noticed about the trenches?

9. The Germans Become Desperate


__________________ On February 1, 1917, Germany resumed what policy? It would result in drawing the U.S. into the war.

10.  Slang

__________________ What was the meaning of the slang term "Fritz" during the Great War?


11. Russia Quits!


_________________ What was the name of the March 3, 1918, separate treaty that took Russia out of the Great War?


12.  U-Boats On Patrol with U 35

_________________(View the entire sequence) What did the U-boat use to sink the neutral merchant ship?

13.   Guns

_______________ What was the nationality of the designer of the German's Maxim machine gun (MG-08)?

14.  Troops

_______________What was the nickname of the American 369th Regiment?


15.  Trenches on the Web - Timeline

_____________________a. Which nation mobilized the most soldiers?

_____________________b. Which nation suffered the greatest number of soldiers killed?

_____________________c. How many U.S. soldiers were wounded?

_____________________d. (Photo) How many surviving British soldiers became amputees?

_____________________e. Which nation had the highest percentage of wounded soldiers among its total mobilized forces?

16.  Movies

_____________________What was the title of the 1941 film in which Gary Cooper played a World War I hero?

17. Over There

__________________According to this popular war song’s “Chorus,” who would be coming “over there” to Europe to fight in the war? (Hint: it was slang for “Americans.”)

18. Revolution in Russia

__________________ Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks (Communists) when they overthrew the Russian monarchy and took control of Russia’s government?

19. Lost Battalion

_________________ Of the 550 men in the Lost Battalion, how many were killed in action in the Argonne Forest?

20. The Fighting Ends

_________________ What was the original name for the day of remembrance we now call “Veterans’ Day,” honored each year on November 11?

21. President Wilson’s Plan

_________________ What was the name for President Wilson’s series of proposals for peace in Europe at the end of World War 1?

22. The Big Four

_________________Which one of the members of the Big Four was nicknamed “The Tiger”? He badly wanted to punish Germany for its part in World War 1.

23. Seeking a Peaceful Future

__________________ What was the name of the organization that President Wilson proposed in his 14th Point? Its purpose would be to prevent future wars.

24. The Seeds of World War 2

__________________What was the name of the corporal who served in World War 1 and would one day lead Germany into World War 2?

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