1. Bury Me An Angel [Music: Michael Amott]

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1. Bury Me An Angel

[Music: Michael Amott]

[Lyrics: Michael Amott]

Symbolical and mystical

Between life and death we're torn

A constant struggle

Like an apocrypha

Nobody can be certain

A thousand days, spent in hell

The ultimate sacrifice

Your voyage starts

With a question mark

But the distant future

Will not tell


Bury me an angel

Set my black soul free!!

Blackened chariots

Bearing evil souls

Ride the surface of burning holes

Nocturnal... traveller

You represent the ruined spirit

Symbolical and mystical

You shall be damned for all time

[Lead - Michael]

2. Dark Insanity

[Music: Michael Amott/Johan Liiva]

[Lyrics: Johan Liiva]

Weak and sick I crawl

In the dust of past mistakes

Leaving for the darkness

Of tears and cold heartaches

Suffer in this grief

Of forever burning hate

The ashes of my life

By the torment you create


On my knees... remembering

The wasted years of dark insanity

The rage increases fast

As the memories eat me alive

God, I wish this to end

But I'm not prepared to die

No more a human being

Just a fool of anxiety

Unable to escape

The darkest insanity

[Lead - Christopher]

3. Eureka

[Music: Michael Amott/Christopher Amott]

[Lyrics: Michael Amott]

Stumbling through

This complex puzzle that is my life

Thirsty for knowledge

But drinking from poisoned fountains

Flashbacks from my past

God knows how long I'll last

Images of you

Leading my soul astray

These four walls

Are closing in, suffocating me

My last wish is to

Transcend from this dimension of boredom

Wrap your arms around me

Like a circle around the sun

I loved you so

Why couldn't you love me?


EUREKA! - I found the secret of life!?


[1st Lead - Christopher]

[2nd Lead - Michael]

4. Idolatress

[Music: Michael Amott/Johan Liiva]

[Lyrics: Johan Liiva]

These gardens of angst

In which I stand

Lost and confused

Hungry for more

Eager to cross

This river of tears

Safe in this void

In which I live

Free from despair

Weaving a web

Surrounding my soul

Imprisoned distress


In a world of dying angels

Trespassers on unknown domains

Traumatic defeat

This time I'll burn

For one thousand years

Bearing the truth

Deep down inside

It dies with me

Taste the pure salt

Of misery

Hell's ecstasy

Feel destiny

Breathe in your neck

Cut you so deep

[1st Lead - Michael]

[2nd Lead - Christopher]

Twisting my mind

Living in sin

Dying within

Wicked and mean

Sinister eyes

Staring at me

5. Cosmic Retribution

[Music: Michael Amott]

[Lyrics: Michael Amott]

Behold the apocalypse

The end is closing in

Did you ever really doubt

That we would pay for our sins...


The heavens will burn

No one can save us now

Everything we once loved

Shall perish in flames...

Armageddon coming on

A black dawn slowly rising

The heat will slowly consume you

Like a moth around a flame

[1st lead - Michael]

[Acoustic Lead - Christopher]

[2nd Lead - Christopher]

Out of this silent planet

A single sign of life appears

A man made machine

Carrying an embryo of human life...

6. Demoniality

[Music: Michael Amott]


7. Transmigration Macabre

[Music: Michael Amott]

[Lyrics: Michael Amott]

Trapped in a downward spiral of pain

Horrific memories, your life flashing by

There is no life left for you to live

You've had your share and more

Act of transfusion - blood child!

Transmigrate into the future or the past

Eternal damnation awaits you my love

In the kingdom of the sick and the rotting dead

You will suffer excruciating pain

You shall now reap the twisted fruit

Of what you once sowed

Transparent - revealing the lies

Transmutation - What you have become

Act of transfusion - blood child!

Transmigrate into the future or the past

[Chorus:] Transmigration macabre

[1st Lead - Michael]

[2nd Lead - Christopher]

8. Time Capsule

[Music: Christopher Amott]


[Lead - Christopher]

9. Fields Of Desolation

[Music: Michael Amott/Christopher Amott]

[Lyrics: Johan Liiva]

On the fields of desolation

We are all alone

Crying in each others arms

In fear of the unknown

Feelings of uncertainty

We are all doomed

To live in solitude

And never ending gloom

On the fields of desolation

Eternal life or termination

Why don't you cover me

I need your sanctuary

This sea I'm drowning in

Might be where the end begins

In times of grief and sadness

We're searching for the light

Seek for a place of safety

Seek for a place to hide

God turned his back on man

In divine resignation

Torn between two believes

Eternal life or termination?

As we drown in darkness

Weak and depraved

On our final journey

Too late to be saved

We've gone through places

Where the cold wind blows

Is this the end of it all

I don't know, I don't know

[Pre-chorus melodies - Michael]

[End solo - Christopher]

10. Losing Faith

[Music: Christopher Amott/Michael Amott/Daniel Erlandsson]

[Lyrics: Johan Liiva]

[Lead - Christopher]

As I walk alone

Paralysed and frozen

Weakened by the fact

It is the life that I have chosen


This is life that I believed in

Sentences me without mercy

Staring down the depths

Of the mind once again

Regret this way of living

Retrospectives in the end

Losing faith in heaven

Now conform to hell

Blindfolds of romance

This pain I can not bear

[1st Lead - Christopher]

[2nd Lead - Michael]

[3rd Lead - Christopher]

[4th Lead - Michael]

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