1. bef. All British riflemen firing in 1914 scenarios subtract one (-1) from their aimed fire hit roll to reflect their marksmanship. Treat a result of 0 as a French

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MGs & Ammo. Use the extra blank counters that come with the game to create gun and ammo/grenade markers. Place the extra weapon or load counters under the soldier counters. Historically, LMGs were distributed at a rate of one per platoon, so try not to have more than one per scenario. For simplicity, we will consider only British, American, & French units, and German & Austrian stormtrooper and Muskete units to have LMGs, and only from 1916 on.
In the scale of this game, an HMG will have distinct blind spots to the left and right, outside its cone of fire. (Remember, no quick shots with MGs.) Expect attackers to spread out and head for those locations. HMG teams often numbered 4 to 6 men, who were needed just to carry all the equipment when they moved.

1914. Trying playing 1914 scenarios on a map with trees and hills and without trenches or craters. Also, if you apply the rifle corrections and the HMG rules, you will see why the French were out-shot by the Germans in early firefights. German soldiers would wait for the French HMGs to start reloading before they would stand up and rush forward.

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