1. bef. All British riflemen firing in 1914 scenarios subtract one (-1) from their aimed fire hit roll to reflect their marksmanship. Treat a result of 0 as a French

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Designer Notes
Rifles. Because Springfield was unable to keep up with the demand for rifles when the U.S. Army expanded for WWI, most of the American soldiers in France used an SMLE bolt-action rifle bored to take American ammunition. Since this rifle also had a 5 round magazine, in the context of the game there is no difference between it and the Springfield Model 1903.
Morale. The increased chance of slipping with poorer morale reflects the tendency of the soldiers to stop advancing and to drop into cover. It does not mean that they were clumsier. You can apply the morale variants to different situations, such as when Slavic troops in the Austro-Hungarian army were asked to attack Russians, or when Indian troops were sent to the Western Front in the winter.

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