1. bef. All British riflemen firing in 1914 scenarios subtract one (-1) from their aimed fire hit roll to reflect their marksmanship. Treat a result of 0 as a French

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Body armor. Some stormtroopers and snipers wore this. Treat the soldier as if he is in excellent cover (as if he is standing on a fire step) at all times. This soldier cannot Run.

He is –1 for slipping and needs two turns to stand up or get out of a trench.
Rifle grenades. Replace one grenadier counter per scenario with an off-board rifle grenadier who cannot be shot at. The rifle grenade behaves just like a grenade, except:

a) you can target any hex on the board; b) the grenade always scatters; c) instead of one Pull Pin action, a rifle grenadier must perfom one Load and one Aim action before each “Throw [Fire] Grenade” action.
Mortars. Treat mortar shells like rifle grenades, but with more explosive power and a longer set-up time. The mortar shell detonates in the same phase that it is placed. There is no chance to run away. Use the grenade table for the explosion, but subtract 2 from the die roll, counting 0 and –1 as 1. Mortars shooting at the same hex need two Load actions before they can fire again. Mortars shooting at a different hex need two Aim and two Load actions before they can fire. Use no more than one mortar per scenario.

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