1. bef. All British riflemen firing in 1914 scenarios subtract one (-1) from their aimed fire hit roll to reflect their marksmanship. Treat a result of 0 as a French

British “bombing party”, Allied trench raiders

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1. British “bombing party”, Allied trench raiders: 1 NCO, 2 grenadiers, 2 carriers, two “bayonet men”, two “spares”. Designate the carriers with Grenade Bag counters made from the blank counters that come with the game. The spares start as bayonet men (riflemen), but can become grenadiers as needed. A new planned plot: Assume Load. This causes a spare or a carrier to become a grenadier. The rifleman selected changes status on the first turn after this order that he starts adjacent to a carrier. A carrier can become a grenadier immediately, by changing his counter. Spares and grenadiers can also be plotted to change to carriers, but they first must move next to the dead or wounded carrier’s location. When carriers are killed, leave the Grenade Bag marker on the map. Carriers are treated as unarmed. If both carriers are killed, no more grenades can be thrown until the grenade bag is picked up by a live soldier.

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