1. bef. All British riflemen firing in 1914 scenarios subtract one (-1) from their aimed fire hit roll to reflect their marksmanship. Treat a result of 0 as a French

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Shoulds and Musts. If you are only going to use a few rules, please use the cover rules and the wound rules. It makes no sense for someone who is prone to be as easy to hit as someone who is standing up. And I became tired of shoot-outs in the trenches where badly wounded soldiers could shoot as well as their healthy opponents.
And so on . . . You can keep adding rules to Trenchfoot, but at some point either the game system will break down under the weight of all of the additions, or it will become a different game. Other possible additions include strongpoints and pillboxes, and infanry guns and tanks for knocking out the same. For this, I recommend that you try the most excellent game Landships, from Clash of Arms.

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