1. Argentine President and Central Bank in Standoff

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1. Argentianina president Kirchner's plan to use billions of dollars in foreign currency reserves to repay its debt inflamed political intensions in the country: Argentina's central bank president Martin Redrado refused to support the plan and was fired by Kirchner, but was reinstated after a federal judge ruled her actions unconstitutional
2. Goldman Sachs is considering expanding a program that requires its executives to donate a certain percentage of their earnings to charity.
3. The EuroZone's unemployment rate hit double-digits (10%) in November for the first time in more than a decade.
4. The United States' commission that was assigned to investigate the causes of the financial crisis will hold its first public hearings.
5. On Saturday, South Korea's financial watchdog chief will meet with his Japanese and Chinese counterparts to strengthen financial ties b/w the three countries, reports the Xinhua.
6. Obama is reportedly considering a fee on financial services companies for inclusion in the budget plan he is set to release next month as a way to cut the federal deficit.
7. Dubai's financial woes have sent housing prices down by 52%, prompting some homeowners to leave their cart and mortgage payments and then flee the country. A lot of them left before they received a foreclosure notice, and mortgage-holding banks are now demanding that lenders attempt to pay them back.
8. GM Ceo promised taxpayers that they will make a profit on the $50 b. that the Treasury sank into the company.

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