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Change Control Board Tasks

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4.3 Change Control Board Tasks

Change Control Board Administrator:

  1. Upon receipt of a valid Construction Change Request, set up a CCB meeting within 24 hours for emergency issues where a decision is needed immediately in order to avoid delay claims or where safety issues are involved, or within 7-10 days for all other issues. Attend the meeting and record the Board’s decision. Upon Completion, forward the request with the reason for the recommended approval to the Assistant Commissioner of Capital Program Management for concurrence.

Notify the Project Manager of the decision by forwarding a copy of the signed decision. Also, forward a copy to the appropriate Regional Construction Engineer as well as any parties who have additional responsibilities as a result of the Board’s decision.

  1. If the request was recommended for approval without a meeting, it must be sent to the other members of the CCB, as well as the Capital Program Coordination Unit and the Federal Highway Administration as appropriate, for their comment prior to being forwarded to the Assistant Commissioner of Capital Program Management for concurrence. Any comments received must be resolved and documented prior to requesting concurrence from the Assistant Commissioner. If they cannot be resolved individually, then a CCB meeting should be scheduled to present the request to the full board.

Once approved or rejected by the Assistant Commissioner of Capital Program Management, the CCB decision should be sent to Project Manager, the appropriate Regional Construction Engineer, all members of the CCB, the Capital Program Coordination Unit, and the Federal Highway Administration.

The original request and signed decision are retained in the CCB files housed in the Project Management Office.

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