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Construction Change Requests (5140)

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4.0 Construction Change Requests (5140)

When a construction order appears to be necessary or desirable or if a construction change is necessitated through the claim settlement process, the Project Manager is to submit a Construction Change Request to the CCB for review prior to commencement of work. A Construction Change Request is required if there is a change in cost of more than $500,000 or more than 5% of the construction cost.

If the change in cost is greater than $500,000 or the stated percentage threshold but less than $1 million, a CCB Meeting may not be required; however, the Construction Change Request Form should be completed and forwarded to the CCB Administrator as well as the Quality Assurance Unit.

Units with Tasks include:

Resident Engineer, Project Management, Control Change Board, Office of the Assistant Commissioner of Capital Program Management, Project Management Office

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