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State of New Jersey

Department of Transportation

Change Control Board


January, 2007

Prepared by

Change Control Board

1.0 Change Requests

These procedures are for processing Design Changes or Construction Changes (not Field Orders). Sources and cross references include Standard Specifications section on Scope of Work, and Construction Procedures Handbook sections on Construction Changes and Changed Field Conditions.

2.0 Definitions

Change Control Board (CCB) Established to review and approve changes and requests affecting design and construction in an effort to control costs, control scope changes, and provide historical data for quality assurance purposes. The CCB is composed of four of the Capital Program Management Directors (the Director of Construction Services and Materials, the Director of Design Services, the Director of Project Management and the Director of Capital Program Support). The Project Manager shall attend the CCB meetings to present an issue related to a project. The Project Manager may be accompanied by the Designer or the Resident Engineer for technical support. In unusual situations a Consultant Designer maybe present during project presentation, if deemed necessary. In addition, a representative from Capital Program Coordination and a representative from Federal Highway Administration will attend CCB meetings as appropriate.

Construction Order - The Construction Order is a written order, issued by an NJDOT engineer to the contractor after execution of the contract, authorizing one (1) or more of the following, if applicable:

a. a change in the work;

b. adjustment in the basis of payment for the work affected by the change;

c. adjustment in the contract time; and

d. a change in specifications.

Construction Change Request - A CON-RQST-2 form submitted requesting the review and approval of the Change Control Board on a perceived need to issue a construction order to the contractor on a project after execution of the contract.

Contract Documents - As defined in the Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction.

Design Change - A change in a design stage of a project which modifies the concept as outlined in the proposal.

Design Change Request - A DES-RQST-2 form used to request scope or cost changes to projects under design through the Change Control Board.

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