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Astraea proudly introduces the winners of the

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Astraea proudly introduces the winners of the
Eleventh Annual Lesbian Writers Fund Awards:
Lu Vickers,
Fiction, $10,000
Vickers received her PhD. in English from Florida
State University where she was a Kingsbury Fellow.
She has twice been awarded Florida’s Individual
Artists Grants for fiction, and her short stories and essays have been published in many journals,
including the Apalachee Review and Salon. Parts of her first novel, Breathing Underwater, have been anthologized in Every Woman I’ve Ever Loved
(Cleis Press) and Women on Women 3 (Plume
Books). Vickers teaches at Tallahassee Community
College and lives with her partner of eleven years and their three sons.
Samiya Bashir,
Poetry, $10,000
Bashir, of Brooklyn, New York, serves on the Editorial
Board of Curve Magazine and NiaOnline.com.
Currently, she is editing Best Black Women’s Erotica 2
(Cleis Press, scheduled for release in January Her debut collection of poetry, Blood and Wine, is to be released by Third World Press. The University of
California’s Poet Laureate, her poetry, articles and essays have been published in an array of venues including Contemporary American Women Poets
(Greenwood Press, The American Journal of Public
Health, and Kuumba: Journal of Black Lesbian and
Gay Literature and Art #4.
Kirsten Dinnall Hoyte,
Claire of the Moon Award, $1,500
Dinnall Hoyte lives in Concord, Massachussetts, and is a doctoral student in Sociology and Social Policy at
Harvard University. Her work has been published in
Sojourner, The Harvard Review
and many other publica- tions.
Debra Busman,
Loving Lesbians
Award, $1,500
Busman is the
Coordinator of Service
Learning for the Institute of Human Communication at
California State University, Monterey Bay, where she teaches Creative Writing and Social Action,
Literature, and Composition. She lives in Salinas, California.
Jenna Capeci,
Loving Lesbians Award, Born and reared in Brooklyn, Capeci received her B.A.
in Biology and Women’s Studies from the College of
William and Mary. She recently returned to New York after almost four years in Thailand where she worked with ethnic Burmese activists on issues of nonviolence and environmental protection.
Meg Jochild,
Poetry, Loving Lesbians Award,
Jochild is from Austin,
Texas, and writes and performs for Actual
Lives, an “in-your-face”
disabled theater troupe led by Terry Galloway.
She has a daughter and grandchild and has been an active crusader in liberation struggles for the past two decades.

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