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(Manila, Philippines) ,500

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(Manila, Philippines) $7,500
TLF is a Filipino gay men’s organization working fora healthy, safe, and free Filipino LGBT community.
Working in coalition with other LGBT groups in the
Philippines, TLF leads the Stop Discrimination Now!
campaign, a segment of which trains LGBT people to document human rights abuse and violations.
TLF hopes that sharing that documentation with the public will increase awareness and bolster support for legislation protecting and promoting LGBT rights.
Grant is for the Stop Discrimination Now campaign
Triangle Project
(Cape Town, South Africa) $4,000
The Triangle Project runs health and social development programs for those LGBT people living in poverty and facing sexual and criminal violence. Triangle was one of the first groups to initiate an LGBT health project in an
African township and continue to conduct in-house training for Xhosa-speaking fieldworkers. In addition to providing HIV prevention education, the Triangle Project conducts media outreach and visibility trainings to broaden the public impact of their issues. Grant is for
general support.
(Lima, Peru) $2,000
Founded by young activists, VIDA is a lesbian-led feminist LGBT organization advocating for the human rights of lesbians and sexual minorities in Peru. They host leadership trainings and run media awareness campaigns on topics including reproductive health for young people. Grant is for an audiovisual
education project which will conduct outreach
to poor communities.
I NT ERNA TI ON AL GRANTS bAstraeas Latest International Grantees

The Astraea Lesbian Action Foundation administers six grant programs:
❥ US. Grants Program
❥ International Fund for Sexual Minorities
Lesbian Writers Fund
❥ Margot Karle
❥ Lesbian Visual Artists Fund

Donor-Advised Funds Program The US. Program, International Fund,
and Writers Fund utilize community-based funding panels to review proposals and to make decisions.
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Astraea’s purpose is to fund and support organizations and individuals focused on addressing the needs of lesbians. We have a commitment to funding organizations and projects that are feminist, that have the capacity to address interrelated forms of oppression and that not only serve lesbians but are committed to social change. Priority funding is given to lesbians of color,
multi-racial lesbian organizations, or progressive, women’s or LGBT organizations that have lesbians in leadership roles and include lesbian issues as an integral part of their work.

finanacial assistance, the Awards provide encouragement, visibility, and ample opportunity for isolated—and remarkably talented—writers to significantly expand their audiences.

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