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(Zagreb, Croatia) ,000

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(Zagreb, Croatia) $10,000
Kontra advocates for lesbian and women’s human rights by lobbying for changes in Croatian legislation.
They work to create feminist lesbian community groups around the country and to connect isolated lesbians through their phone hotline, trainings and cultural events. Kontra is the most visible and active lesbian organization in Croatia. Grant is for general support.
(Murmansk, Russia) $3,000
Members of Krug or The Circle work to protect the legal, social and economic rights of LGBT people by providing mental health consultations and STD prevention seminars. They assist LGBT prisoners,
publish a magazine and participate in the convening of
LGBT groups in the Northern region. Grant is for
establishing an LGBT counseling center.
(Pretoria, South Africa) $3,000
OUT promotes LGBT identity, equality and a sense of community health and wellness in the Greater Pretoria area. They are focused on challenging heterosexism and homophobia, and addressing the disempowerment of Black LGBT people. They enact their work through public education trainings, lobbying, coordinating economic empowerment projects, advocacy and economic empowerment projects. In addition,
OUT provides health and mental health services.
Grant is for general support.
Prensa Editorial LeS VOZ, A.C./Les VOZ Publishing
(Mexico City, Mexico) $4,000
In addition to publishing a national feminist lesbian cultural magazine, LeS VOZ, the Press organizes annual conventions promoting lesbian literature, and issues a free bimonthly e-news bulletin of lesbian and feminist events to promote civic participation, they run human rights trainings and legal intervention workshops.
Grant is for outreach activities, publication of
LeS VOZ, and website maintenance.
The Library Foundation

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