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organizational capacity building and for working

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organizational capacity building and for working
in prisons with incarcerated women on issues
of health, race, and violence between and
against women.
Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action
(New Delhi, India) $10,000
Through advocacy and research, CREA works to enhance women’s leadership at local, regional and international levels. Their leadership trainings focus on issues of sexual rights, sexuality, reproductive health,
violence against women, economic justice and women’s rights. Grant is for organizing a national
meeting of lesbian groups in India to discuss
advocacy strategies on issues of sexual orientation.
Fundación Ecuatoriana de Minorias
Sexuales/Ecuadorian Foundation for Sexual
(Quito, Ecuador) $3,000
FEMIS advocates exclusively on behalf of Ecuador’s diverse community of sexual minorities. Since spearheading a national campaign which decriminalized homosexuality in that country, they continue to build alliances and public support for freedom of sexual choice. FEMIS also documents human rights violations around the country. Grant is for general support.
Jerusalem Open House
(Jerusalem, Israel) $6,000
JOH is a community center providing an open, safe,
affirming, and visible space for LGBT people in
Jerusalem. Collaboratively funded by Jerusalem’s LGBT
organizations, they operate a library, coordinate a speaker’s bureau, and conduct public policy advocacy and litigation. Grant is for an unprecedented
Palestinian outreach initiative. The project includes
disseminating Arabic-language LGBT resources;
operating an Arabic-language telephone helpline bbhosting a monthly Arabic-language interest group
meeting; and providing outreach to educational and
social service organizations serving Palestinians.

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