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In September, 2002, Astraea’s International Grants

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In September, 2002, Astraea’s International Grants
Panel met for our first of two grant cycles.
$91,500 was awarded to seventeen groups based in
Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands, Latin America,
Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Webb are proud to share with you this list of remarkable
organizations from around the world:
Associação Lésbica de Minas Gerais/
The Lesbian Association of Minas Gerais
(Belo Horizonte, Brazil) $6,000
ALÉM works with lesbians on an array of issues by providing an autonomous and safe space for lesbians to build self esteem, advocating for lesbian civil rights,
and conducting workshops in schools and media outreach on the need to fight against prejudice and discrimination. ALÉM also provides STD prevention information to lesbian sex workers. Grant is
for general support.
Asociación Lucha por la Identidad Travesti y
Transexual/Association Fighting for Transvestite
(Buenos Aires, Argentina) $5,000
The transvestite movement is one of Argentina’s most disenfranchised communities. Led by and for transvestites, ALITT works for the recognition of transvestism as a legitimate identity by educating and politicizing transvestite communities and by lobbying the government for rights to education, health, jobs and housing. The group’s primary focus is on transvestites struggling with issues of poverty and unemployment. Grant is for general support
and for purchase of computer equipment and a
video recorder.
Colectivo de Lésbicas do Rio de Janeiro/
Lesbian Collective of Rio de Janeiro
(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) $10,000
COLERJ, the only Black lesbian group in Brazil, defends the human rights of marginalized women in Brazilian society. They organize seminars and gatherings,
pursue legal advocacy, and develop lesbian health and
STD/AIDS prevention workshops. Grant is for

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