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Lynn Campbell
Lynn was a dedicated human rights
activist who throughout her life organized
on behalf of women’s rights, workers issues
and LGBT causes. At age 17, Lynn led the
California boycott for United Farm Workers
and the Yes on Proposition 14” campaign.
Having worked for Women Against
Violence in Pornography and Media, she
helped organize the first conference on
women and pornography and one of the
first Take Back the Night marches.
In 1980, Lynn became Assistant
Director of the National Committee on
Household Employment for the National
Urban League. She joined the Funding
Exchange as Program Coordinator in 1981,
and co-founded Funders for Lesbian
and Gay Issues.
A filmmaker as well, Lynn was the
Associate Producer of Greetings from
Washington, DC, a documentary
on the 1979 Gay and Lesbian March on
Washington; and Executive Producer/Co-
Producer of Rate It Xi She was honored

by the Women’s Art Association with
the esteemed Women of Courage Award,
and Ms. Magazine named her one of its
“Eighty Women to Watch in the 80s.”
Lynn died of cancer in 1984 at the age
of 29. Astraea’s Community Funding Panel
annually awards a grant from the
Lynn Campbell Memorial Fund to assure
that those with Lynn’s spirit, courage
and leadership can continue in her footsteps.
Radical Resistance, Radical Harmonies:
The Women’s Music Cultural Movement.
By Patricia Justine Tumang
women’s music had a large and supportive fan base. (The Changer and The Changed,
remains one of the music industry’s bestselling independent releases) Eventually,
women-only music festivals began drawing larger crowds and more diverse performers. Linda Tillery, Gwen Avery, Mary
Watkins and others, formed The Varied
Voices of Black Women Tour. Women learned the ropes on their own, with many serving as their own techs and gaffers. And
Some of the legendary artists featured in Radical Harmonies
make music at the film’s Astraea screening
Foremother of the women’s drumming movement,
Edwina Lee Tyler

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