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support Bridging the Gap program.
(Africa) $7,500
The lesbian-led group in this East African country—
where lesbians can be prosecuted and sentenced up to years in prison conducts outreach in five regions of the country, offering peer support and human rights activism trainings. Their goal is for each region to send ten participants to a forthcoming national three- day conference to solidify the organizational structure of the group and to further hone human rights advocacy skills. Grant is for general support and for the
planned lesbian human rights conference.
women’s music distributors like Goldenrod and Ladyslipper—which were started to support that early music—are still going strong twenty-five years later!
Eventually expanding beyond its folk roots, women’s music incorporated new genres and influences ranging from punk,
soul and eclectic to symphonic and classical.
Changes such as the creation of the sliding- fee scale and accommodations for deaf women and women with disabilities continued to alter the shifting landscape of women’s music and the landscape of popular music as well. After the New York screening, several performers dazzled the audience by breaking out in song onstage. Ferron performed what many consider a lesbian anthem—
“Testimony.” Alix Dobkin closed the night leading performers and the audience in
“This Little Light of Mine with Edwina
Lee Tyler using the podium as a drum. Benefit co-chair and Astraea board member Carol Alpert observed that the musicians onstage had a profound effect on the audience Poignantly, Alpert also pointed out that “Astraea has always recognized the power of film in organizing for social change. This is part of our mission.
And it was also part of Lynn’s vision To order a copy of Radical Harmonies for $39.95, call Transit Media at (800)
343-5540 or visit http://www.woman- vision.org/radicalharmonies/index.htm. The term transvestite, while not widely used in the U.S.,
is the preferred term of this grantee

Astraea has been the beneficiary of gifts entrusted to us by generous donors. Too often, these gifts have gone unrecognized because they have come at the end of a donor’s life. The Women Will Circle provides away for Astraea to recognize and thank donors who have designated us as a beneficiary of their estate during their lifetime and to involve them more intimately in the Foundation’s work.

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