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Astraea Lesbian Action Foundation

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Astraea Lesbian Action Foundation
because they have made it possible for
so many of us around the world to
have those clearest of faces. I am truly dedicated to Astraea’s belief that only through action can we build a world of peace and justice for lesbians, and for society as a whole.
Dorothy Abbott is a resident of Memphis and has
been an Astraea member since 1996. As founder
of the Women’s Radio Fund, Abbot has along
history of involvement with media, including
print, radio, music, film, and the oldest medium
of all . . . conversation.
Meet Astraea Member Dorothy Abbot
Women’s Action for Change
(Suva, Fiji) $4,000
WAC facilitates the development of marginalized groups in Fiji (women, children, sexual minorities and the poor)
through education and awareness building. They use theatre and performance as away to address issues of reproductive rights, children’s rights, HIV/AIDS,
teenage pregnancy and conflict resolution. Grant_is_for_conducting_human_rights_awareness_and_self-defense_workshops_for_LGBT_people,_and_for_skill-building_workshops_to_teach_local_communi'>Grant is
for conducting human rights awareness and
self-defense workshops for LGBT people, and for
skill-building workshops to teach local communi-
ties how to create their own support groups.
Women’s Association KONSOLA
(Poznan, Poland) $2,500
KONSOLA creates artistic and educational initiatives designed to promote women’s culture, break stereotypes of the traditional role of women in Polish society,
and counter negative societal attitudes toward feminism. They are well known for their annual feminist conferences which attract academic, eco-, anarcho-,
and lesbian feminists from around the country. Grant
is for the lesbian and bisexual women’s support
group, a groundbreaking initiative for lesbians in
Poland’s fifth-largest city.
(Africa) $4,000
This LGBT group is one of a small handful of agencies in Africa providing HIV/AIDS prevention services to gay men and sex workers via education, counseling and training. Successfully bridging the gap between knowledge and behavior within the gay community,
they are actively planning to establish an information resource center and meeting space. Grant will

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