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Researching ocean buffering, Ozark-It-Starts-On-The-Page, bach etal 2016, gender-and-the-politics-of-history, English I-II Honors Course Syllabus, Syllabus for Honors English 12, 357-Humanomics-Syllabus-Interterm-2019, COURSE GUIDE ENG372 - ENGLISH POETRY, Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis, Underwater Women in Shakespeare Films
Honorable Mention, Fiction, $100
Felicia Luna Lemus, Leslie Anne Leasure,
Kathy Anderson
Honorable Mention, Poetry, $100
Myra Mniewski, Liz Freidinm, Yvonne Etaghene
Judges of this year’s awards included:
Emma Perez,
El Paso, Texas, is a historian, creative writer and feminist critic. Her publications include:
Gulf Dreams and The Decolonial Imaginary Writing
Chicanas into History. Currently, Perez is Chair and
Associate Professor of History at the University of
Texas, El Paso. She is writing a historical novel
Forgetting the Alamo Or, Blood Memory.
Susan Stinson,
Northampton, Massachussetts, is the author of two novels, Fat Girl Dances with Rocks
and Martha Moody, as well as Belly Songs, poetry and short essays. She has received grants and awards from the Vogelstein and Wurlitzer
Foundations, among others. Her work has been translated into German and Italian and featured in
Seneca Review, Curve, Sojourner, Women’s Review
of Books and Diva. She recently completed Venus
of Chalk, a novel about an awakening muse.
Eileen Myles,
New York, New York, is a frequent contributor to The Nation, Nest, Bookforum, Art in
America, The Village Voice, and Seattle’s Stranger.
Her other published works include Chelsea Girls,
Cool for You, School of Fish, Maxfield Parrish, and
Not Me. She co-edited The New Fuck You:
Adventures in Lesbian Reading, which received a
Lambda Book Award. In 1992 she conducted an openly female write-in campaign for herself as
President of the United States.
Robin G. White,
Kennesaw, Georgia, is the author of Resurrection: A Collection of Work, a 2002 Georgia
Author of the Year Award finalist selection. She is the 2000 winner of the Chicago Literary Exchange
Lisa C. Moore Award. She co-owns Kings Crossing
Publishing, a company dedicated to promoting and publishing writers whose voices are overlooked by major markets.

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