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Existing Facilities.
There are 27 Federally licensed generating facilities and storage dams on the Kennebec and its tributaries. These facilities provide 257 MW of generating capacity which represents 36% of the State's hydropower capacity and 9% of the State's total generating capacity. This is roughly the equivalent of the energy needs of 200,000 homes in the State. Three additional dams have been found to be within FERC's jurisdiction and have begun the licensing process. Four dams with generating facilities are licensed only by the State. (SeeTable 10 for a full listing and Figure 2).
Ten dams located on the main stem Kennebec have 95 percent of total generating capacity in the basin. All mainstem hydropower dams are run-of-river except Harris (Indian Pond), Wyman and Williams which have storage capacity only for daily or weekly load fitting operations.
There is a total of about 1,300,000 acre-feet of reservoir storage in the Kennebec basin, used for hydropower regulation, with about 86 percent of that storage located in the upper 46 percent of the watershed, upstream of Bingham, Maine. The other 14 percent is generally distributed between the Sebasticook, Messalonskee, and Cobbosseecontee tributary watersheds in the lower part of the basin below Waterville. Available reservoir storage in the upper basin has a marked effect on upper basin flood flow contributions to the Kennebec River. Principal storage reservoirs in the basin above Bingham are listed in Table 9. There are 1,132,000 acre-feet of storage in the upper basin and 1,016,500 acre-feet, or 90 percent at the three lakes: Brassua, Moosehead, and Flagstaff.26
Industrial use of dammed waters in lower tributaries has declined in recent years and these watersheds are primarily regulated for recreation and water supply.

Table 9

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