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Moxie - FERC #2613. The Moxie Project is a storage project located on Moxie Stream in Somerset County, Maine. The Moxie Project is owned by CMP, Madison Paper Industries, Scott Paper Company, Merimil Limited Partnership, and Edwards Manufacturing Company Inc., and is operated by KWPC; it is comprised of a concrete dam located across the main stream channel, with four small separate closure dams located in the immediate vicinity of the main dam and a 2,231 acre reservoir. The project is operated as a water storage facility to regulate flows to the Kennebec River for downstream hydroelectric generation and flood control. The water quality classification for Moxie Stream is Class A for the first 1,000 feet below Moxie Dam and Class AA from that point to the confluence with the Kennebec River. Both Class A and Class AA shall have aquatic life as naturally occurs.
The applicant's proposal involves no alteration of existing project but initiates and sustains several measures for protecting and enhancing environmental resources including:
• Continuing current spring and summer water level management (reservoir refilled beginning in mid to late March and held to within approximately one foot of full pond level throughout the summer), in order to protect and maintain fish and wildlife resources and recreational uses;
• Restricting annual fall drawdown to a maximum of 3 feet (elevation 967.3 feet prior to November 15) in order to enhance tributary access for spawning salmonids;
• Restricting total annual drawdown to a maximum of 8 feet (elevation 962.3 feet), in order to protect and enhance fish and wildlife resources;
• Restricting flow releases from Moxie Dam during annual fall drawdown to a maximum of 145 cfs plus inflow, whenever possible, in order to reduce scouring and to protect and enhance aquatic habitat in Moxie Stream;
• Providing a minimum flow release from Moxie Dam of 25 cfs or inflow, whichever is less and whenever feasible, in order to protect and enhance fish resources and aquatic habitat in Moxie Stream; and
• Maintaining and improving as necessary existing trailored boat launch, parking and picnic facilities adjacent to the Moxie Dam, in order to protect and enhance recreational use and access in the project area.
The State finds that the proposal to relicense the Moxie project represents an appropriate balnce of resources and uses and that it conforms with State policy.

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