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Wyman Dam - FERC # 2329. The Wyman Project is the second largest hydropower project in Maine with an installed capacity of 72 MW. It is owned and operated by CMP and is an intermediate peaking facility on the Kennebec River in Somerset County in the towns of Moscow, Bingham, and Caratunk and the unorganized territories of concord Township, Pleasant Ridge Plantation and Carrying Place Township. The Wyman Project consists of a powerhouse, a 3,246 foot long dam, a 3,240 acre impoundment and appurtenant facilities. The water quality classification for the main stem of the Kennebec River from the Wyman Dam to Route 201A bridge in Anson and Madison is Class A which necessitates having aquatic life as naturally occurs. The Wyman impoundment is considered a Great Pond and is classified GPA.
The applicant's proposal involves a number of changes in project facilities and operation including:
• Restricting normal impoundment fluctuations to a maximum of 2 feet from full pond in order to protect fish and wildlife resources in Wyman Lake;
• Reserving the right to draw the impoundment down as necessary by up to eight feet during periods of heavy runoff in order to provide some measure of downstream flood control;
• Increasing project minimum flow releases from 490 cfs to 750 cfs in order to protect and enhance fish resources in the Kennebec River below Wyman Dam;
• Limiting the simultaneous shut-down of all three project generating units to cases of emergency in order to protect fish resources in the Kennebec River below Wyman Dam;
• Constructing a canoe portage trail, constructing loon rafts at Caratunk, allowing continued access for fishermen to impoundment and tailwater area, providing parking for ice fishermen and snowmobilers, and assisting with paying the operating costs for the Pleasant Ridge Municipal Recreation Area in order to protect and enhance public recreational use in the area. In connection with relicensing, a number of enhancements have already been implemented including construction of a hard surface boat ramp in Moscow and a day-use area, covered picnic areas, an outhouse and two primitive campsites at Caratunk.
The State finds that the proposal to relicense the Wyman project represents an appropriate balnce of resources and uses and that it conforms with State policy.

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