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Messalonskee Project. The Messalonskee Project is comprised of four small and discrete hydroelectric generating facilities and one storage facility located on Messalonskee Stream in Kennebec County, Maine. The developments that comprise the Messalonskee Project are currently licensed as four separate projects. These projects are: Oakland (includes the Messalonskee Lake Dam and the Oakland Dam), Union Gas, Automatic and Rice Rips. FERC has agreed to consider relicensing of these five developments as a single hydraulically-related project. Messalonskee Stream from the Messalonskee Lake dam to the Kennebec River is an approximately ten mile long tributary which drains an area of 177 square miles at the Messalonskee Lake Dam. Messalonskee Lake Dam is the storage facility, impounds Messalonskee Lake, and is operated to provide water to the downstream generating stations with specific and voluntary restrictions on the amount and timing of drawdown.
The Water Classification of Messalonskee Stream is currently classified as Class C "from the outlet of Messalonskee Lake to its confluence with the Kennebec River." Class C is the 4th highest classification of fresh surface waters. Absent any other statutory provisions, this would mean that the entire length of Messalonskee Stream through the project area is Class C. However, the Rice Rips impoundment (Lake Hutchins - 87 acres) and the Automatic impoundment (67 acres) qualify as "great ponds" and are not specifically classified at Class C but must be considered to be Class GPA waters.

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