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• Release of public information. All information submitted to the agencies by the applicants for a license under the Federal Power Act shall constitute a public record pursuant to 1 MRSA §402, unless such information is otherwise exempted from public disclosure by state law. Release of the information to members of the public shall be governed by 1 MRSA §408.
With regard to public participation, the SPO Hydropower Coordinator makes every possible effort to include all interested parties in the consultation process. Lists of individuals interested in particular projects undergoing relicensing are on file at SPO. At appropriate times, these individuals are notified through status reports of review and comment periods, filings with FERC and ongoing events associated with the consultation and licensing process. Public notices are published in three newspapers to solicit participation in public meetings and the consultation process and to inform the public when initial hydropower applications are received and when FERC filings are accepted.

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