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developing the chapter: suggested lecture or discussion topics

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0developing the chapter: suggested lecture or discussion topics

  • Explain the central features of Republican economic and political conservatism in the 1920s: probusiness government, hostility to progressive social and economic regulation, and high tariffs to isolate the American economy from the troubled world economy.

REFERENCE: Burl Noggle, Into the Twenties (1974).

  • Contrast Warren Harding and his corrupt cronies with the upright Coolidge and Hoover. Perhaps show how each of the three presidents represented a different emphasis within the general political consensus of the probusiness 1920s.

REFERENCES: John D. Hicks, Republican Ascendancy, 1921–1933 (1960); Joan Hoff Wilson, Herbert Hoover, Forgotten Progressive (1975).

  • Describe the stock-market crash and the depression. Examine various causes of the depression and indicate its paralyzing effect on ordinary citizens, as well as on the business and political leadership.

REFERENCE: Robert McElvaine, The Great Depression (1984).

  • Consider the changing role of American workers in both the probusiness 1920s and during the early years of the Great Depression.

REFERENCE: Robert Zieger, American Workers, American Unions, 1920–1985 (1986).

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