* The Madison Capitols Organization appreciates your time, interest and commitment in being a host family and part of our program madison capitols player & housing family manual table of Contents Introduction

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* The Madison Capitols Organization appreciates your time, interest and commitment in being a host family and part of our program *


Table of Contents

Introduction…………………………… 2

10 Helpful Housing Tips….............3

Player Code of Conduct……………..5

Housing Family Guidelines………..7

Example Housing Family/Player Agreement……………………………. 10

Player Personal Info…………..…….13

Capitols Staff Contact Info………… 14

Signed Agreement……………………15


The Madison Capitols organization thanks you for your consideration of becoming a housing family for this season. The impact that you have on the player and the time as a whole is immense. Our team will have 23 players on our roster living in the Madison area. High School players will attend Oregon High School while others will live across the Madison area.

The team consists of 16-20 year old players on the track to become NCAA scholarship recipients and/or an NHL selection. The season is 60 games in length with players reporting to Madison over Labor Day weekend and extends as late as mid-May. A daily routine of community work, team meetings, on ice training and off ice training will fill their day before coming home. Curfew, calendar and other arrangements are in order for the players to become the best they can become but WE NEED YOU TO BECOME PART OF OUR TEAM!

What are the benefits of becoming a Host Family?

> An interactive relationship with an aspiring young role model athlete.

> An ever-lasting relationship between you and your family and the young man assigned to you.

> $200/month stipend and season tickets (one per family member).

> A life changing experience for you, your family and your player.

> These players cannot become the people and players that they desire to without your assistance!

It is vital that both the player and the housing family understand the organization’s expectations of each other’s roles. This is why we provide both player and housing family guidelines in this manual.



  1. Please follow the coach’s rules for billet and player conduct. It’s extremely difficult to get back on the right track once certain behaviors have been allowed.

  1. Post and review a list of house rules and guidelines for your player and his guests to follow. Be specific and make additions during the season if needed. Emphasize to your player that he is responsible for his guest’s behavior in your home and neighborhood.

  1. Coordinate meal times, meal likes and dislikes with your player. Discuss what meals he can cook or will be responsible for preparing for himself. Will he be allowed to add items to the grocery list? Will other players be welcome at mealtime?

  1. DO NOT LEND MONEY OR LONG DISTANCE PHONE PRIVILEGES. Many host families have been stuck with the bill.

  1. Decide what household appliances/perks your player may share; computer, hot tub, washer/dryer, etc. What are the guidelines for their use?

  1. Players should have and be responsible for some household duties.


  1. Be sure that your player leaves a note for your phone messages, dinner absences, guests and coach-initiated curfew changes. Please do the same for your player.

  2. Post and review your household quiet hours if any. Make note of children’s and/or your bedtime. Are incoming calls, other than curfew calls, welcome during that time?

  3. Post both yours and your player’s home telephone numbers and emergency contact numbers.

  4. Please remember that you are not the coach. JUST LISTEN to the player if he needs to vent or is frustrated about on-ice issues. Though you may be very knowledgeable about the game of hockey, your advice may set him on a different path than the team and the coach wants.


Jennie Lent 563-580-5564




You are responsible for your actions and you will be held accountable for your behavior and that of your teammates.  Any action by a member of the Madison Capitols that exhibits a lack of respect for teammates, coaches, medical staff, front office personnel, billet families or the community is cause for disciplinary action, suspension, and/or termination from the team.  Furthermore, any player who represents the Capitols organization in a negative fashion causing embarrassment to the club internally or externally is also subject to disciplinary action. 



1. Be on time- being late shows lack of respect for yourself, your teammates, and the coaches.     

1. Curfew on weekdays is 11:00pm for non-high school players, and 10:00pm for high school players.  12:30am on weekends when there is no game the following day. Post Friday night game expectation is to go directly home following post game meal/gathering. Any questions refer to CAPITOLS RULE. Upon returning from a bus trip, players will go directly to their billets home…NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Billets will not cover for players on curfew calls.  It is mandatory for the player to take all curfew calls. 

2. Game day-we expect you to arrive for a game 2 hours before puck drop. 

3. Bus-If you are a first year player, you are required to load the bus for trips. You must be at the rink ½ hour before departure. 10 minutes before if you are not loading the bus. 
4. Practice-non high school players should be at the rink at designated times for morning workouts or stretch. 


2.    Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco.  Any confirmed violation of illegal drug/alcohol usage will be cause for immediate disciplinary action, which may include suspension and possible further action by the Capitols Hockey Club and USHL.  5

Please refer to the League’s “Consumption/Use/Abuse of Mood altering substances policy”. Random drug testing is conducted by the USHL. The use of tobacco products is a violation of league policy. 


3.   Dress Code- you represent the Capitols every day. Dress

respectably, with class, and be clean every day. 

a.      Game-Shirt and tie. 

b.      Bus-Team track suits. 

c.      Meals-Team track suits unless otherwise specified by coaches. 



4.   Hair and facial hair 

a.      Hair should be kept neat and is subject to the approval of the coaches. 

b.      Facial hair needs to be kept clean. 


5.   Billets House Players will not be allowed to stay elsewhere.  If the situation arises where the billets are out of town, they must contact the housing coordinator to make alternative arrangements.  The housing coordinator will contact the coaching staff. 

-Absolutely NO overnight female guests. 

-Player is responsible for household duties set forth by the billets. 

-Player is responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of his room at the billets house. 

-Player must let the billet know if he will miss a meal (dinner). 

-Player is responsible for his own phone bill. 

-If a player is cut or traded, he will need to be out of his billets

home within 48 hours. 

-Treat the billets and their home with the same respect that you treat your family and home. 

 Absolutely NO parties at billets home. 
6.   School/Community- We get a lot of attention from the community, don’t abuse it! Work, discipline, and passion are a big part of our hockey program, it needs to be a part of the school/community.


It is an honor to play for the Madison Capitols. With that honor comes responsibility. You will be constantly under a microscope…strive to be your best. Our expectations are high both on and off of the ice. Enjoy the process of learning, competing, and growing. 6

1.  CURFEW(curfew checks will be made – ALL PLAYERS KNOW CURFEW

•Weekdays/game nights 11:00pm for non high school players, and 10:00pm for high school players. 12:30am on weekend nights when there is no game the following day.  

•If you have a high school player who is pushing curfew each night and behind on school work, please let Coach Keith know immediately. 


2.  FYI 

•There will be no parties hosted by any host families where there is alcohol being served.  

•Players are not allowed to sleep at any other host family house. If your player says they have permission, email or call Jennie or Coach Keith. 

Exception:  If a family is out of town and the Housing Coordinator makes the arrangement. 

•Housing parents are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner while attending Capitols games and functions. 

•There will be no girlfriends spending the night at housing family homes. 

•All girls are to be out of the housing family’s home by curfew, unless the housing family asks them to leave earlier. 

•Players will NOT spend the night with visiting families at a hotel. 

High School Housing Families-a member of the coaching staff must excuse a player from school for illness, travel, doctor appointment, etc. If you player is home sick, you or that player should call Coach Keith 715-829-4116 or Coach Tony  262-707-2330



Wanting your player to like you, you allow him to get away with violations. Remember, you are responsible for being a positive parental influence, not just a friend. 

Housing families allowing players to drink…..is NOT ALLOWED. Our rules are clear and we trust that you will enforce them. Contact Jennie or Coach Keith if you see a problem. 

•Player complaining about the coach because of playing time- it happens. 

•Coach taking disciplinary action on a player- it happens. 

•Players understanding house and team rules- make sure you sit down and go over your house rules/guidelines.  7

•Player movement, trades- possibly exists that your player may be traded or released. A member of the coaching staff will call and inform you if a player staying at your house has been traded or released.  

•Communication breakdown: 

-Player needs to let housing family know if they won’t be home for dinner in a timely manner. 

-Player needs to let housing family know when they leave the house (phone call, email, text message). 

•Transportation- you are not expected to transport the players. If a situation arises and your player needs a ride somewhere, if you are okay with it, by all means go ahead and give them a ride. However, they should not be relying on you for a ride everywhere. 


4.  TALKING TO PLAYER-IDEAS TO TALK ABOUT (sit down immediately upon your player’s arrival) 

Housing parents are responsible for rules regarding their home. Here are a few items to go over with your player(s)… 


•Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks around the house 

•Food: Have player make a list (favorites, dislikes, snacks) 

•Please call us by (housing family set time) if you won’t make dinner 

•Dirty dishes: wash your own, help after meals, use the dishwasher 

•TV usage and pay per view TV- housing family can password protect 

•Computer/internet usage- appropriate vs inappropriate usage/sites 

•Telephone usage (land line)-player is responsible for any charges 

•Communication: Cell phone- make sure you have their number and they have your number. Text or call. 


•Key to house- getting in after road trips 

•Girls- when are they allowed in the house???? 

•Laundry- who does it? If it is player, teach them how you want them to use your washer and dryer! 

•Won’t cover for player on curfew checks 

•Language-please watch the foul language in our house 



•Make sure players know who to contact and how to contact you in case of an emergency.  

•Make sure you have cell number(s), land line number, and email for both the player and his parents. 




Housing Family Coordinator, Jennie Lent

Jennie Lent: 563-580-5564 cell, 608-406-2646 work, Email: jennie@madcapshockey.com

•Any questions regarding your player 

•If you are going out of town. Player does NOT stay home alone. We will place them with another housing family for the time you are gone. 

•General placement questions (i.e. concerned on player placement). 

•Regarding a rule violation: inform player, contact Jennie

•Call any time 


 Example Housing Family/Player Agreement
It is highly advised that you, as a housing family, draw up your own house rules/guidelines/code of conduct for your player to follow while he is living in your home. This way the player knows what is expected of him, ensuring a peaceful co-existence in the household. Below are some examples.

  • Team rules in effect at ALL times. All violations will be reported to coaching staff.


  • Internet Use is provided as a COURTESY. Appropriate use is required and no illegal activity will be allowed. With younger children in the house, please ensure no inappropriate material is within view or left on the screen at any time.

  • Groceries: If you want something from the grocery store, write it on the grocery list located on the refrigerator door. This is the only way we know what you want from the store unless you go with us. Also, if something is almost gone (groceries or other product), please write it on the grocery list as well so it can be replaced.

  • Garbage: If a garbage can or waste basket is full, please empty it and place a new garbage bag in the can.

  • Laundry: Player is responsible getting their laundry to the laundry room. I will wash, dry and fold them, but you will be responsible for taking them back to your room. You may do your laundry at any time. If there is something in the washer and/or dryer, simply place the contents of the washer or dryer into an empty basket in the laundry room floor.

  • Bedding: When bedding sheets need washing, strip your bed and bring them to the laundry room to be washed.

  • Bathroom: Please keep your bathroom clean. Cleaning supplies are located under the bathroom sink. Please clean sink, tub & toilet as needed.

  • Vacuum: Please vacuum if it needs it. (Otherwise I usually vacuum once/twice a week.) Vacuum is located upstairs in the closet by the front door.

  • Dishes: When finished with any dishes, please take them to the kitchen and either put in sink or dishwasher.

  • Meals: Dinner is most often around 6:30pm. If you’re not coming home for dinner, please call and let us know by 5:00pm. Also let us know if you plan or want to have anyone over for dinner as they are always welcome, just let us know.

  • House Guests: All guests are to be out of the house during the week by 9:00 p.m. and on the weekends 30 minutes prior to coaches’ curfew. Please remember we have small children they have bed times. Girls are not allowed in your bedroom. Your family members are more than welcome to stay at any time with advance notice, however, most prefer hotel for more privacy. Team rules apply.

  • Family: We do invite you to be a part of our family, which includes participation in family activities (movies, family dinners, etc.) This is always your choice and you are open to accept or decline as you choose or feel comfortable.

Another example of something you can have prepared…

The house is basically yours…you are welcome to use the kitchen, dining room, living room, etc. All I ask is that if you make a mess, clean it up.

Socked or bare feet on the sofas or coffee table are ok. Shoes are not.

Please don’t leave dirty dishes or soda cans / Gatorade ®bottles, etc. sitting around downstairs. Don’t leave the downstairs bathroom looking like a pig sty. Bottom line, clean up after yourself. 11

Your rooms are your rooms: I will respect your privacy. If you want to mix your clean and dirty clothing on the floor, your call. Just keep the mess in your room. If you want your sheets washed, strip the bed and let me know. If you want me to take care of some room cleaning when you are on the road, that’s fine; but then the room can’t look like a bomb went off inside. If you want help with laundry – ask…

You are always welcome to use the vacuum cleaner. You are welcome to use the washer and dryer…but please clean out the (dryer) lint filter.

You are welcome to cook for yourself (or heat up leftovers…please eat leftovers…!).. Please don’t scratch my good cookware. Cooking lessons can be had by just asking. If you are coffee drinkers, I’ll show you how the coffee maker works. Unplug it (or the toaster) when you are through using it.

Kitchen sink: right side is for dirty dishes; left side is for clean dishes. Empty the dishwasher if the “clean” sign is posted.

Please don’t track mud, snow, etc. in and through the house. You are welcome to shovel snow.

No chew. No booze. No sexual escapades. (These hold true whether or not I am home…). Girls may visit, but they leave when I go to bed and they are not allowed in your rooms…

If the kitchen or downstairs trash is full, please take it out and replace the trash bag. Outside trash goes to the curb on Wednesday evening. Bins come back up the driveway (the elves don’t do it any longer) on Thursday evening. Recycling (green bin) goes to the curb every other Friday.

If you open a beverage…drink it! Gatorade®, etc. is expensive. Consider getting a water bottle that can be reused – like what you have at the rink, this saves a lot of having to buy bottled water all the time.

Don’t leave the TV on if you are not watching or unnecessary lights on please. 12
Player: _________________________________

Cell Phone: ______________________________

Parents: ________________________________

Address: ________________________________

City/State: ______________________________

Phone: _________________________________

Cell Phone: ______________________________

Cell Phone: ______________________________

Emergency Contact: ________________________

Phone: _________________________________

Email(s): _______________________________


Capitols Staff Contact Information

Jennie Lent 563-580-5564 cell

608-406-2646 work


Luke Strand 920-548-0096


Keith Paulsen 715-829-4116


Tony Hrkac 262-707-2330



Signed Agreement

The Madison Capitols Housing Family Rules and Regulations have been discussed with me and I agree to the terms and conditions set forth therein.”

Date: ______________________________

Housing Parent/Parents:

Print: ________________________________________________


Signed: ______________________________________________



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