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Bankruptcy Court Letter of Recall example

Express Mailing: EL 183798875 US

FROM: One of the We the People of the United States of America;
IOWAN Republic Executive Law & Private Banking Officer:

Mr. Patrick; Devine
US National SS Banking SURETY Account Sole Owner/Creditor
18463 – 208th Avenue
Sigourney, Republic of Iowa
IA 52591-8236 US
Phone #: (641) 541-0035

Date: ______________


To: UNITED STATES Bankruptcy Court – Southern District of Iowa;
[the USC National Bankruptcy Court of “DEBTOR IN POSSESSION” SURETIES]
United States Courthouse Annex (A National Governmental Banking house)
110 East Court Avenue, Room 300
Des Moines, IA 50309-2044

ACT OF LAW: My Creditor’s Competing Plan to the U.S.C. “Debtors In Possession”.

Dear U.S.C. “National Bankruptcy Court – DIP Processing” Agents,

I am, an Iowan Republic EXECUTIVE Bank Account Owner and I am the Sole Owner of my written Name as a Freeman, a Non-Slave. I am also the NON-UCC Sole Creditor; an American Republic Banker of Age and with the understandings of how the foreign copyrighted UNITED STATES CORPORATION - Banking “Collateral TRUST Certificate” Contracts work and their U.S.C. Bankruptcy Court system of controlling the “Debtors In Possession” with their Commercial indentured SURETY USURY Bondages.

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court, is the controlling Branch Agency of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, known as theUSC” Title 11 - Chapter 11 "Debtor in Possession"; were as the SSA is just the Paymaster agency to the American Creditors. I am demanding a copy of the “Written Disclosure Statement” and the Chapter 11 – “Plan of Reorganization” that the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, as the “Debtor in Possession” agents were required to have on file over my SS SURETY and his Identity Theft “Collateral Trust Certificate” Assets and bonded Accruals.

I am INVOKING the American REPUBLIC Constitutional Banking Laws and I am REVOKING the Fact that I am, as an Iowan Republic State Citizen, the Living Free Owner/Creditor being classified as a United States Corporation Banking indentured SURETY - US CITIZEN. Per the Constitution Article 4, the Bill of Rights, the 14th Amendment and the 1872 - Supreme Court validated ruling, I am a “U.S. Executive Law Enforcement Agent”; as an American Republic Bounty Hunter with the Powers and Rights to Recall my SURETIES that have left the Republic Banking jurisdiction and fled to a foreign Bankruptcy Commercial jurisdiction.

Therefore, I am by my Republic Creditor’s Rights of Claim submitting my Creditor’s Bankruptcy - Competing Plan; as my LETTER OF TOTAL RECALL for the restoration of all of my commercially Indentured “Certificate of DepositSURETYIdentity Theft” Persons, Accounts, Assets and Lifetime Accruals. This LETTER OF TOTAL RECALL is issued by me, as a Republic Executive Creditor to deprive and terminate my SURETIES of their office and functions by the remembering them back to myself estate, with all of my withheld Republic Deposited Credits held by the UUNITED STATES Corporation’s Bankrupt Court Division as the “Debtors in Possession” using my SURETIES, as corporate persons held under Indentured Payment and Performance Bondages and in Off-Shore Mortmain accounts in Puerto Rico; for the beneficial corporate hidden profits and self-interests of the foreign copyrighted Bankrupt UNITED STATES CORPORATION. The district U.S. Trustee will be notified by FAX of my Sole Creditor’s Competing Plan; as my LETTER OF TOTAL RECALL and he is also to notify the District SSA Contractor Inspector.

This U.S.C. chapter 11 Bankruptcy Court is by my Creditor’s ORDER, as the Sole Creditor to have the U.S. Marshals to seize all of my “Debtor in PossessionSURETY’S Assets and Accruals that are being held in Off-Shore and/or Mortmain accounts in Puerto Rico under my SURETY’S Account name/# xxx-xx-xxxx. They are then to be justly processed as a probating action by the U.S. Secret Service and the IRS accountants for any required processing fees.

My indentured “UNITED STATES Corporation” - SSA SURETY is as follows:

  • My UNITED STATES Corporation National Banking; Chapter 11 “Debtor In Possession” per the SSA Contractor’s Collateral Trust Certificate” placing my collateral SURETY under an Indentured registered Account name/# xxx‑xx-xxxx.

The “Debtor in Possession” is holding my 2 (two) main unsecured Creditor’s Deposits as:

    1. My STATE OF IOWA – “Certificate of Live Birth” as an indentured “Collateral Trust Certificate” with accessing Certified Coupons per my registered SURETY’S Account name/# xxx‑xx‑xxxxxx.

    2. My STATE OF IOWA – Selective Service indentured “Collateral Trust Certificatewith accessing Certified Coupons known as my UNITED STATES NAVY “Certificate of Honorable Service DD214” per my registered SURETY’S Account name/# xxx‑xx‑xx‑xxxx.

As a requirement of National Governmental Commercial Banking system; a transfer/routing number is required and the following 3 (three) different Routing numbers have been used by the CORPORATIONS:

    1. My SURETY’s original date of birth number: xx/xx/xxxx

    2. My SURETY’s – STATE OF IOWA Bank Routing/Transportation number is: xxxxxxxxx.

    3. My SURETY’s - UNITED STATES International Banking Passbook number is: xxxxxxxxx.

The Federal Acquisition Regulation MANDATES that an initial funds review and final accounting be performed by the Governmental Contract Administration Office at the outset of the Initiation of the Contract Closeout process. DE‑OBLIGATED excess funds via a GSA form SF30 should be completed when the contract closeout process is initiated. The Governmental Department CONTRACTOR performs a final funds review at Contract Closeout once final payment and indirect cost rates are settled. Remaining funds are DE-OBLIGATED via an SF‑30 and RESTORED to the Owner and a remaining balance of zero is then to be indicated on the Contract Closeout Checklist.

All other not listed UNITED STATES National and STATE OF IOWA Corporation banking instruments and indentured “Collateral Trust Certificates” will be surrendered during the “Debtor's Duty under UCC 9-503” to Deliver the assembled identified collateral and make it available to me as the NON-UCC Sole Creditor per the Absolute Priority Rule in Bankruptcy even though I am an unsecured Creditor. The delivery is to be made to me at my above listed address, as it is a reasonably convenient neutral place for both parties (where no guns are allowed).

I am, as the NON-UCC Sole Creditor per the Absolute Priority Rule in Bankruptcy even though unsecured (per only a promise and a “Collateral Trust Certificate”), demanding a complete accounting of my SURETY’S Accounts for the United States Republic Treasury Credits Deposited and/or Borrowed; all Payment and Performance Bond accruals and the Custom Usury Taxes paid and my final Surety’s Debt pay-out to me as the living owner in the form of a full accessing National or Iowa Republic Banking Credit/Debiting account and Card.

I thank you only for your honorable Time and Service; for all of the rest of your time was spent aiding our foreign banking enemies and destroying this nation even though you did not know. Maybe it is time for you to wake-up and see who the real enemies of America are!!!

Posted and Signed as a “With Prejudice” Order by this Republic Owner: __________________________________
Mr. Patrick; Devine
Republic Iowan per “IA 52591-8236 US”

(Under the Owner’s living Seal)

Attachments: to this Letter of Recall and Competing Plan:

  1. My B-410 – Creditor’s Claim

  2. Collateral Trust Certificate” Closeout Packages
    including the required GSA forms.

  3. Several additional Identity and supporting documents.

Cc: By FAX to U.S. Assistant Trustee
and other various Inspector Generals about the Fraudulent Usage
of my written name as an “IDENTITY THEFT”

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