§ 120 70. 131. Purpose and powers of Committee

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§ 120 70.131. Purpose and powers of Committee.

(a) The Joint Legislative Economic Development and Global Engagement Oversight Committee shall examine, on a continuing basis, economic development and global engagement issues and strategies in North Carolina in order to make ongoing recommendations to the General Assembly on ways to promote cost effective economic development initiatives, economic growth, and stimulating job creation in the global economy. In this examination, the Committee may:

(1) Study the budgets, programs, and policies of the Department of Commerce, the North Carolina Partnership for Economic Development, and other State, regional, and local entities involved in economic development.

(2) Analyze legislation from other states regarding economic development.

(3) Analyze proposals produced by the Economic Development Board.

(3a) Request the Department of Commerce to provide an annual report by January 15 of each year on the effectiveness of the following economic development programs:

a. Job Development Investment Grant Program (JDIG).

b. One North Carolina.

c. Article 3J Credits.

d. Job Maintenance and Capital Development Fund (JMAC).

(4) Analyze North Carolina's current international activity in the business, State government, and education sectors.

(5) Analyze barriers to international trade that may be addressed by legislation.

(6) Explore ways to increase coordination, synchronization, and intercommunication between State and local governmental entities.

(7) Collect and analyze data on global business trends.

(8) Study foreign representation opportunities for North Carolina that could solicit, target, educate, and recruit international businesses to North Carolina.

(9) Analyze incentives designed to encourage small businesses to export goods and service solutions.

(10) Study methods for positioning North Carolina as a portal to North America for international trade.

(11) Explore opportunities to increase foreign direct investment in North Carolina.

(12) Study any other matters that the Committee considers necessary to fulfill its mandate.

(b) The Committee may make interim reports to the General Assembly on matters for which it may report to a regular session of the General Assembly. A report to the General Assembly may contain any legislation needed to implement a recommendation of the Committee. (2005 241, s. 7; 2011 291, s. 1.10(b); 2011 292, s. 1.)

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