Zion christian church consolidated tabakoni round-up english version 29 December 2013

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29 December 2013


You have been given power over all evil, power to trample over serpent and scorpions (Luke 10 vs. 19). We are well equipped to subdue the devil using tools given to us by the holy spirit, but you need the boldness of Christ. Remember the word says greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world. (Colossians 2 vs. 15) having spoiled principalities and power, he made a show of them openly.


Those that pass will have found someone to correct them and they listen to the correction, act on the correction and then become great in life. In life we need people to correct and rebuke us. Those that fail resent correction and rebuking and God also hates the same. (Hosea 4 vs. 6).

  1. THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST ( Luke 1 vs 28)

The angel spoke to Mary you are;

  1. You are highly favoured

  2. The Lord is with you

  3. Blessed are you among women

This signified the beginning of a tough assignment in her life then ensued.

-She was mocked by her community for carrying a supposedly fatherless pregnancy,

-she endured a 100 kilometre journey on donkey back with a 9 month pregnancy

-when delivery was due, there was no place convenient to deliver a baby except a manger

This is Mary whom God has made a pronouncement that she is highly favoured, blessed and the Lord is with her, yet she is faced with multiple of problems so much that she could have lost hope.

Some of you have faced just minor huddles yet you are grieved in the hearts and you feel like quitting. Remember in life there 2 contrary voices, the voice of God, which is the voice of truth and the word of God. The other is the voice of Satan who the bible calls the accuser of the brothers, delivers a destructive word and presents obstacles to divert your attention from the word of truth, the word of God.

  1. GOD’s WORK AND POWER IS TIMELY (John 2 vs. 3).

Mary’s approach to Jesus at a wedding at Cana was the triggering of God’s power in him. Mary actually helped the manifestation of the power base that was in him. Some people need an actualisation to do God’s work, so go ahead and rebuke the next person in a Godly manner to help that person explode in the work of God.

The man of God says some of our best people today never looked like it until they were brought into the limelight, then have their potentials been actualised and their performance has surprised many. Leaders must never conceal the people in their centres who have the potential and capacity to carry the work of God. God has brought such people to this church for a good purpose so let us not suppress, frustrate and deny these people these people,


Outreach programmes must be increased without compromise as we need to start considering the second coming of Christ. The word of God must be preached in its totality (Proverbs 11 vs. 24-25).


They started laying foundations of heaps and heaps of tithes and offerings in the house of God on the third month and finished on the seventh month. They never ran short of what to eat and they even had left over’s. They were asked and they answered and said since we started offering into God the Lord blessed us with plenty(1 Chronicles 29 vs. 17). The heaps were presented faithfully to God. The reason why they succeeded was because they planned well in advance. Remember when as soon as you start .planning, the devil shows up his face to dirupt the process but the bible says fear not for I am with you, you are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ.


We have a situation today where we have our youths who do not want to work for God yet they want yo rush to start families. Any relationship that has its foundation on a boy and girl that is not God based is a disaster in the making. Our youths need to be mentored correctly for the continuity of the word of God.


God desires a gift of people during this Christmas as we have been given the mandate to go and spend time with our relatives, eat with them and convert them by giving them love the good word of God. Jesus was gone ahead of us to prepare many houses. Note also that the two things that God called many were the stars and the send in sea shores therefore whatever God calls many is very many. Let us bring as many people to him because the houses are available for everyone. The holy comminion is so important to uor lives.

That we can not afford any of our people to start the year without taking communion, the blood and body of Christ as we desire to kick-start our people in the year 2014 with the power of Christ. Any one who missed communion at their centre must come to the next nearest centre to make sure that they don’t loose out.


A teacher is rated by the pass rate of the students in the class that he teaches. As leaders in the church of God you are rated by the rate your flock is obedient to what is taught, the word of God, their attendance and offerings. It is not deal for a leader to rush to a conference leaving the flock behind even the wife and children. No need to come and give flimsy excuses that the people don’t want to come yet that is your primary reason why you have been appointed the leader to encourage and persuade the people.


A mentor is a person that you allow and give authority to rebuke and correct you whenever you will have gone astray. We err encouraging our youths to identify people in the church that they regard highly in their Christian walk and choose them as mentors. Listen to their advice and they mould you to greatness. Be careful to choose the right people who will help you to become the person you would like to be. Share your vision with your mentor, your challenges and opportunities and allow them to guide you. In the absence of a mentor in the youth’s life, mistakes become very common, and this is the time of life that is more tempting and the most experimental period in life. Remember any mistake may be costly for life therefore mentors are very crucial in averting disasters in the life of a youth .


The story of Julius Ceaser, a king who was killed by his lieutenants. Every word of God that comes to you through his servant is a typical example of the warnings that are given to people to save us from imminent death. The enemy is ready to destroy us but the word of God comes to us as instruction on the cause of action to take to avoid disaster. The Lord spoke once I heard twice, (Psalms 62 vs. 11).

  1. THE KING MUST NOT SUFFER DAMAGE (Daniel 6 vs. 2).

We must always endeavour to bring all issues to the King openly for the King must never suffer damage. We must never despise the word of the King. The chain of good behaviour starts with you and let us be exemplary so any one who fails to perform accordingly is doing damage to the King and is acting against the word of God.

  1. ROUND-UP.

This process was started by Jesus as he went out to meet the people in their locality. Zaccheus and blind man Batemius were all met by Jesus in Jericho when the Lord Jesus was on his normal round-up programme. If you miss the chance of being noticed during round-up then you have lost it for the whole year then you may have to endure the affliction until the next round-up. So maZion you should never take the round-up for granted. This is why the man of God puts much effort to visit every centre so as meet you in your locality.


The helpers of Moses were never allowed to lift their own arms. They still helped Moses to lift this arms and God prevailed. It is time people allow the system to work by affording the division of labour to prevail. Support must come from all angles, coordinators, ministers, headmasters must be fully supported by their wives. Ruwadzano must be fully supported by and coordinated by the coordinator’s wife, so is the minister’s wife, the headmaster’s wife, but they must lift the arms of the Ruwadzano teacher as the teacher must execute programs fully.

  1. THE LUCIFER SPIRIT (Romans 7 vs. 15).

There are people who have been afflicted by the Lucifer spirit of wanting to be where they are not supposed to be especially when it comes to sitting positions. Lucifer desired to sit at the highest position and God took the following measures:

  1. Corrected him.

  2. Rebuked

  3. Cast him down.

Some people have been corrected, rebuked and finally they will be cast down. Let us learn to appreciate where we are and what we are per time and the correction and rebuking that we get all the time.(Isaiah 14 vs. 12-16).


Michael the archangel refused to go into a heated debate with satan but refered the matter to God, and also in (Zacchariah 3 vs. 1) Joshua was visited by satan as he sat at the right hand of God. He came to resist and destruct him. And the Lord said to satan the Lord, even the that lifted Jerusalem must rebuke you. You must learn t refer issues to Jerusalem, do not take matters into your hands. We have preached the gospel of prosperity for 40 years but has not manifested in people’s lives because the devil has resisted the entrance of the word in people. All performers suddenly stop and failure in people set in. let us learn to report matters to relevant authorities as some of the issues that we want to resolve on our own are not meant for us. Jerusalem is open 24/7 for people to refer issues. Coordinator of Shurugwi set a good example by bringing all heads in his centre for consultation with Jerusalem.


You need to condition yourself in spirit because the effectual door is open but there are many adversaries. We do not war against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in the heavenly places. We need to correct one another in spirit and not in flesh. Shepherd your flock in spirit and love and not in a bad mannered way. God loves spiritually mature people in handling His business


Do not command but speak nicely to the people. You cannot continue in the ill mannered spirit and expect God to consider you. Love the people you lead as they are the reason you are a leader, they your bosses, even if they mess up you must just smile. There is no justification for you to be angry with them for you are mandated to do everything possible to make sure people do according to statutes. A leader is resilient, tolerant, humble which all constitute LOVE.

Leaders lead by example, show the way and never complain. Leaders must forever be found on the right as they endeavour to follow laid down procedures


Abraham was told by God to leave his relatives to go to a country far away for God wanted to bless him. He left with Lot also. God blessed Abraham and Lot also benefited from the blessing. They became rich in livestock and their herds grew so large they ran out of grazing space. There was strife between Abraham and Lot’s herd men and the 2 decided to part ways. Abraham being humble allowed Lot to choose which side he preferred and Lot chose the Sodom side where the pastures looked greener. Lot forgot that the anointing carrier was Abraham. Finally when Lot left Sodom he had nothing left including his wife save his 2 daughters. Some of you are contemplating leaving Zion yet you are behaving like Lot. You might have been blessed but the one who blesses is here so be warned you will leave empty. You are always complaining and murmuring against the Prophet who is the anointed.


Local preachers are an important arm in our ministry as they are meant to incubate, follow up and shepherd particularly the new converts. Local preachers’ function is to;

  1. Consistently preach the word of God to the new converts

  2. Consistently lay hands on them

  3. Pray for them

  4. Take them to Jerusalem

We preach the good news of heaven so we take people to Jerusalem as practice to go to heaven. When a new convert fails to get the word of God they get simply stolen by the devil. The word is the weapon that we use against the devil and this is the reason our mortality rate is high simply because we are not giving our people enough of the word of God. There is need to start training local preachers on how to be grounded in the word and incapacitate them to preach the word in its totality. Now that we have moved into full gear in our outreach programme, we need our engine to start operating on all cylinders if we are to achieve our goals

In our system we rate leaders by the way people talk about them, the way they act and we create an opinion about who they are, their abilities and successes. We believe the purpose of a leader is to make sure the system is well coordinated and information is allowed to flow as required

In this new era we need a new dimension of thinking, complete paradigm shift, solidify our view as we take Zion to the world and the world to Zion. Jesus talks of eternity and therefore loves to see eternal things which is what we must endeavour to achieve.

All leaders wives at Zion are equally leaders as the roles they are expected to take up are equally important in that they are to remind their husbands of what is expected of them. Genesis 2 vs 18. This implies that no leader’s wife shall be left out in any meetings and the wives must act as their husbands’ secretaries. They are to note all crucial activities and put plans in place to make sure they are followed up as required by Jerusalem. The following are leaders’ wives who are expected to be creative in handling the work of God in managing husbands and Ruwadzano at the same time;

  1. Coordinator’s wife

  2. Elder’s wife

  3. Minister’s wife

  4. Headmaster’s wife

To encourage unity and togetherness within Ruwadzano for full cooperation, love and obedience in offerings and giving, total love must be exhibited by the leaders’ wives. Love feasts are encouraged as this has proved to be a motivational factor as demonstrated by a Mai Matsika of Harare .

Dislike and hatred are sins that affect the heart and eventually the performance of the leader and ultimately the church. Any leader that works fleshly is a destroyer of the work of God. The purpose of a leader’s wife is to assist her husband in carrying out all assignments and then organise systematically Ruwadzano, so any failure in the church rests on the shoulders of the wives of all leadership. Genesis 3 vs 3 > 6.

The angel spoke to Marry, you are;

1.highly favoured,

2.the lord is with you;

3.blessed are you among women,

A tough assignment then ensued, She was mocked by her community for carrying a supposedly fatherless baby. She went through some tough experience even though she was blessed.

She endured 100km journey on donkey back with a 9 months pregnancy. Yet as soon as she arrived delivery was due and there was no place to deliver the baby at. The only place that was available was the manger. Marry had no choice but had to deliver in that manger.3 groups then got the news of Jesus birth and each one reacted differently;

1. The wise men

2. The shepherds

3. Herod

Wise men prepared themselves to meet the king. They took with them gold, myrrh and frankensence On arrival they fell down and worshipped the Lord. Before they left a dream came upon them not to go back in the same way for the enemy was way laying them

The shepherds came but with nothing. They also worshipped the Lord but went back the same way they came from because they did not bring gifts and God did not deliver a word to them. God speaks to people who come to him with tithes and offerings. Herod heard the news and was grieved in heart and he sent soldiers to kill all babies for he said we will kill so king in the process. But the word of Lord came to Joseph and Marry to take the baby to Egypt for the enemy wants to kill the child. This then shows that any grieved heart turns to murder so the issues of the heart are crucial.

4.David and Goliath

We have been taught and reinforced not to allow damage to our God .David was angered by the utterances of Goliath despising the God of Israel and he made a choice to kill him (1kings19 vs10).Your heart must be jealous about the covenant of our God (Joshua 1 vs15-18) like David who refuse to sit back and watch the God of Zion suffering damage.

Daniel 6 vs 2 Presidents were appointed that they may give full account of the proceedings in the various states to make sure the king does not suffer damage. An excellent spirit was in Daniel and the king thought to set him over the whole realm. Daniel was obedient and reported full accounts to the king and the king was well pleased. All leaders at Zion must carry the Daniel spirit to make sure that Jerusalem is kept informed and that the servant of God will not suffer damage

25.God’s assignments

God gives difficult assignments so as to create an environment for delegation as God is aware that the work is so much that no single person can finish it. God has the capacity to carry everyone. God will also be testing leadership capacity to carry out the assignments and potential for growth.

26. Children in God’s work.

When you have children working for God and in the process they are rebuked, do not get offended .If children are not ready for rebuking then they should not be allowed to take part in any discipline/ work in the church.

27. Women must observe the biblical principles of woman wood. (1Peter 3vs 1-5)

Show that as women you teach good morals and exercise the same at home so as to make sure that your husband may appreciate the teachings of this church that they come to the God of Zion. This is the most effective outreach drive concept. In strategic evangelism they call it catch 2 .catch 5.We saw that in Mutare, the message was preached on Saturday and on Sunday we witnessed a family coming together in the family procession and husband was converted. This word must be preached and taught to the people to save families. This is a procession where couples must come before God as pledge to God for a life time, unbreakable partnership. People are admonished to bring their children with them also to show them up to God. Those of you that have their spouses who are not members of the church must plead with them to come for these special processions. We have had testimonies of couples that have been restored and are living fantastic lives. This program must be taken seriously and must be maintained .

28.The cost of going to mushrooming churches;

Husbands should not be angry with the stones their wives bring home but what has been done to their wives by the wolves in sheep skin. The husband should not allow the wife to cook for him as she would have been abused. These mushroom churches do not have the word because they do not read the bible. Without the word of god around then that is typical witchcraft being practised and abuse is prevalent as recorded in the various media houses in the country.

29. Faith in the God of Zion;

Most people today carry the beliefs of their spirit mediums and witchcraft with little understanding of the word that says ’you are born of God and have overcome the world because greater is He that is in you than he who is in the world [1 John 4 vs 4]. Behold I give you power to tread over serpents and scorpions, over all the powers of the enemy and nothing shall hurt you [Luke 10 vs 19]. Catch your children young and strengthen them in the knowledge of this God of Zion.[Hebrews 10 vs 38].the just live by faith.

30; Place church regalia in your homes

Remember you need to keep reminding the evil spirits of your position by placing church regalia in your homes. These evil spirits were previously driving out by the power of the God of Zion, now Luke 11 vs 24 says when the devil comes back to check and find the house empty it will go back and brings in seven more spirits to occupy the house. This primarily is why most Christians suffer the torment of the devil and end up losing faith in this almighty, omnipotent God of Zion. Let us use church regalia in our universal salvation drive as these are available at all our centres. These are calendars, cups, caps, plates, t-shirts, umbrella and portraits of the past and the presiding bishop.

31. The grieved hearts [Mark 10 vs 22]

Three things that makes a man’s heart to grieve;

[a] greediness

[b] stinginess

[c] hard- heartedness

Select the narrow road and position that leads unto salvation and that road is found at Zion [Isaiah 45 vs 8]. Let the skies pour down righteousness, let the earth open and bring forth salvation, I the Lord have created it . the narrow road is the one that leads to the right side of God where the determined and covenanted statutes and judgements are a must for every believer.

Sheep use the narrow road because they are humble, endure pain and tolerant to difficult and seemingly unbearable conditions, very tolerant and does not make noise. The goat prefers the wider road because it is aggressive in nature, jumpy and makes a lot of noise. The story of two foolish goats that met on a narrow bridge, instead of tolerating each other so that they both pass they fought and fell in the water and died.

32. Correcting, getting corrected and strengthening,[ Philipians 2 vs 2-3].

Correcting others is supposed to be done in love, with love, appreciate the person first by mentioning his strengths before going to the person’s weaknesses. By doing so you will have gained the confidence of that person and the person will be ready to take your advice. It takes humility to be corrected and to strengthen the other person. The opposite of being corrected is misguided /misled. Learn to take every word of correction because it is not laughable.

33. Capital sin

The sin that cannot be forgiven is the choice of denying Jesus and fighting against the anointed , as you will have decided to fight God. The bible says, touch not my anointed do my prophets no harm. This is the capital sin that gives you the passport to hell. The Core rebellious spirit that made God so angry that the whole group could not see death but were swallowed by the earth. There so many ways to see that one has rebelled.

  1. Refusal to answer calls

  2. Resistance to comply with laid down systems and procedures

  3. Refusal to attend programs as directed by Jerusalem

  4. Total disregard of protocols

  5. Failure to report issues to Jerusalem

Do not stray in following God. Remember our God is a consuming fire and does not condone rebellious attitudes.

34. Today’s fashionable sin.

Prostitution and homosexuality are the most fashionable sins today among the youths and yet the wages of sin is death.[Romans 1 vs 28-32].

Those that have refused to retain God in their knowledge have been given to reprobate minds. Youths - must refrain from watching pornographic materials as they are bound to contaminate the minds. The Bible says the young man will prophecy but it takes a pure heart to receive the Holy Spirit.

35. The Kingdom of Heaven

The only man who enlightened people about the Kingdom of Heaven was Jesus, but any other prophet prior to His coming never spoke about the Kingdom of heaven and must not confused with the kingdoms of this earth, in this kingdom there are citizens but one needs to be born again to attain the citizenship.(John 3 vs 3). Every citizen has titlements to pass through difficult situation and protection is at its best (Isiah 43 vs 2) you will go through the water they will not drown ýou, though the rivers they will not sweep you, then you go through the fire it will not burn you. But for the protection to take effect you need to be single minded for you cannot be double minded and expect to receive his full protection, 1 Chronicles 10 vs 13, Romans 13 vs 1, 1 Samuel 12 vs 20 -21, Numbers 16 vs 11. The sheep and goats and the goat is always on the left side where the criteria to be on the right side is by the level of your giving, attendance to every church program, spread the good news of Christ (Jorodhani) worry about things that bother God, cry when one sheep is lost, lose sleep over the things that causes sleepless nights to the man of God. A sheep is humble, resilient, is not jumpy and does not make unnecessary noise/ complaining and that is why it is on the right side and the goat is the opposite of a sheep is on the left side (Numbers 16 vs 11).

38. Elders

Elder-ship is a very important position and the position is a neutralizer and must be able to support all systems through and through. Make sure there is due diligence on all matters and the approach must be reasonable and orderly. This is what an elder checks and if he discovers result in the prosperity of that person as God orders every step of life in all aspects of life.

Some elders have become big headed, carefree, proud and untouchable yet people are suffering. They are creating their own messages and inquiring with spirit mediums. Any local prophet in Zion must be fully connected to the sent one. God does not show himself in situations where people are disconnected. We must receive the word of God a minimum three times a week if we are to be guaranteed full connection to the sent one. One must be very brave to spend twenty four hours without reading, listening to the word of God.

40. The pure at heart

The pure at heart are on demand. You need to honest to your spouse, to your children, at work places and in the work of God.

Purity is a matter of choice and the Bible says they are blessed and also the blessing óf the Lord it make the rich but adds no sorrow with it. Purity is a matter of heart therefore purity is the worst enemy of the devil. Hell does not consume the pure at heart, animals don’t eat the pure at heart- the story of Daniel (Daniel 6 vs 16) fire cannot consume the pure at heart (the story of Shadreck, Misheck and Abednego) Daniel 3 vs 21-25. Proverbs 4 vs 23 (keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.).

43. God shows up in a star

God does not manifest Himself in many stars but in just one star. The same star was seen by the wise men at the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and again the same is the star of Samuel at Defe Dopota on his departure. This is the evidence that we have in this church, that God manifested himself through Samuel’

Defe dopota is our Pilgrim Centre as a church as this is confirmation that the roots of the church are at the place where the remains of the prophet are and this is the gate of heaven Genesis 28 vs 17. Any programs that do not reflect this reality does not reflect truth of Zion Christian Church and any member who does not visit Defe is a rebel who operates in the contrary spirit and the spirit of the prophet is not with him

45. Zion is Spirit based

Zion is a spirit- the spirit of God manifested upon Samuel Mutendi in 1913 but ten years lapsed before á vision could be given to him pertaining to the name Zion.

But on one of his trips to South Africa, at a place called Bombara the Holy spirit delivered a tug written the name Zion on it and eventually the message came to say that is the name of the church. Zion is the dwelling place of the Lord God and He blesses His people from there. Let it then be known to all men that the name Zion is God given

45. Clean Hands (Acts 20 vs 26)

Take heed therefore record this day that I’m pure from the blood of men for I have not shunned to teach the fool word of God. Please note that the Holy Spirit has made you overseers of the church of God which he has bought with his own blood. Paul made reference to the teachings he did to people that every leader must seek to emulate. The servant of God who gave reference to the same and said every word that God gave him to teach, he has taught without fear or favour, therefore God cannot hold him accountable any one’s failure. The word of prosperity has been thoroughly taught, the word of healing, the word of purity, the word of love, the word of Holy Spirit and the Holy Communion.

46. Losers and winners

Martha became a looser because she wanted to prepare and Maria became a winner because she rushed to where she had been called. There are those that hear and believe and those that want to see and then believe. The three days communion wanting period is mandatory and must be observed but there are some of you who want to see if the Bishop had arrived then they begin to stream in at the centre. The Greeks and the Jews- the Jews wanted to see and believe yet the Greeks wanted to first hear and believe and act on what they heard. Blessed are those that hear and believe than those that see and believe.

47. The spirit of sacrifice

Jeremiah 17 vs 5-6 when you fail to participate in all activities, you have isolated yourself and decide to live in the desert- you are like a bush standing alone in the desert without water. You cannot enjoy what is enjoyable in the church as you miss out on the word.

48. Zion is a Kingdom

Our relationship with God is a child and father kind of relationship. God never tires in giving his children. God loves His children in the same way as we love our own. MaZion, you must love your children because there will be a time when you cannot share with them anymore but our God continues to love and look after them, after you have departed. Start developing some relationship between god and your children even at pregnancy stage your children should know and understand your God early so that they will not depart from him.

49. God dwells in our hearts

(Exodus 25 vs 8),God used to live in mountains but now he dwells among in us. Our God is a talking God. He never keeps quite, he continually speaks through prophets. There is no justification to leave our God.(Numbers 12).God said I speak through a prophet. I will make myself known to him in a vision and still speak to him in a vision. We must maintain a close relationship with our God in ;

  1. Love

  2. His love with his people

  3. Never be tired to do him service

  4. Never be threatened by anyone out of giving him

  5. Never be threatened by anyone in following him

Proof that one has lost relationship with God is in his/her relationship with people. The kind of relationship and service that Jesus gave to people cannot be found anywhere .(Philippians 2 vs 8) ,

1.He humbled himself and became obedient unto death ,even death of the cross ; the shedding of blood.

2.The service of feet washing –(John 13 vs 5)

3.As you receive the Holy Communion ,the blood and body of Jesus Christ.

50. Be contented with what you are and what we have and where you are per time.

Genesis 39 vs 2 – Joseph was satisfied with being in the house of Egyptians and that household became prosperous (Exodus 2 vs 21),Moses was content to dwell with the man who was so pleased with him that he gave him his daughter Zipporah. Be contented and allow God to change your life-God does it ( not by mighty nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord God of hosts) .God shapes you, converts you, renews you to fit you into His plans. Just like a bolt, you are threaded to fit in the already made hole. Two things that will never be satisfied,

1. Hell (Proverbs 27 vs 20)

2. Eyes “

We must teach our hearts to be contented with the situation to avoid offenses and grieving hearts. Those that refuse the moulding of God will never see the manifestation of God in their lives.

51. Stinginess

Laban was best known for his stinginess as he was only interested in things done for him at no cost to him. He was not interested in paying his employees. Jacob served him for 14 years but he still did not want to fulfil his part of the contract to a point he even wanted to kill him yet under Jacob’s service, Laban was prospered by God as his herd increased tremendously. They were 2 contrasting characters as Jacob vowed to God that if he would provide him with food and clothing and allows him to go back to his father’s house in peace he would pay ten percent of all what God would give him. Genesis 28 vs 20. Jacob fulfilled his vow and God was pleased with him

52. Save God with your skill

Any skill that has not saved God does not come from God therefore you come to naught. Any money that does not save God will not prosper you any child that does not save God will not benefit his biological/natural parents. Any property that does not save in the kingdom of God will perish as it will have not come from God.

53. God declares he blesses from Zion

God’s residential and contact address has not changed and will never change forever. Psalms 132 vs13- 16, Isiah 8 vs 18.


Leaders are not removed from positions before they move themselves from their original state of understanding. There are ministers and coordinators who do not even follow up issues concerning the work of God.

God does not waste time in sending people to tasks that will not go and perfom. God sends anyone, anywhere for as long as they are obedient. One need to take note of:

  1. Who has sent you.

  2. To whom have you been sent.

  3. With what information have you been sent.

Taking or relaying your own message will result in God never to be able to send you again. Depending on the urgency of the matter you need to be aggressive, fast and efficient to make sure the manage gets to the intended recipient correctly on time. Remember you have been sent to a people who are resistant to the word of God as they are affected by the devil. Therefore do not allow the manifesting demon to speak to you. Deliver the word and use every trick to get the person to understand. Explain that as soon as the word comes out, senses cease to function because the word of God supersedes any circumstances; never consider the person’s situation:

  1. Social status poor.

  2. Widowhood.

  3. Old aged.

Do not approach any situation canally but do it spiritually, just consider the word and act accordingly. Nobody should waste time at Zion while operating in the flesh. Our DNA is spirit based and not fleshly.

55. Forgiveness

To err as human but to forgive is divine. We all have erred but have been forgiven through the blood of Jesus Christ, that is the remission of sin. Nobody will be forgiven unless they do likewise if you can work together with the one who has erred then you belong to the heavenly places and you are a candidate for heaven. You need to even forgive the dead. All disagreements are a result of our failure to forgive each other on small- small issues. Jesus forgave the fig tree for failing to produce fruit in due season. Luke 23 vs 34 He even forgave his crucifiers while on the cross.

56. The battle is not yours (2 Chronicles 20 vs 15)

The battle is God’s, so disregard an kind of provocation and report to the almighty. Jehoshaphat was provoked by three armies but he knew where to take the matter to. He went before God and reported his case and there and then God stood up to correct the situation. God fought the battle himself and destroy all of Jehoshaphat enemies. All Judah did was to collect the spoils of precious things and for three days they gathered. Do not fear the wicked and do fight those that fight you for God is set to do it for you.

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