York Blind and Partially Sighted Society Spring Newsletter

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York Blind and


Sighted Society

Spring Newsletter

(February/March/April 2010)
York Blind and Partially Sighted Society, Holgate Villa,

22 Holgate Road (just off Blossom Street), York YO24 4AB (charity no 508914).
Equipment and Information Centre open Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm
Telephone 01904 636269
This newsletter is available in 16 point bold print, on tape, CD, in Braille, via e-mail or on our website: www.ybpss.org


A conversation with Vidar Hjarding

New in the Equipment Centre – mobile phones

Help with Reading

Knit and natter, make a rug, take a walk

Discover Theatre, FREE tickets

What helps me, Members Column

In Touch with Radio 5

National Trust welcomes VIPs

Support Karen, our Marathon Runner


News Update from Diane Roworth, Chief Officer

Hello, and welcome to the first newsletter of 2010. What a trying start to the year it was, with snow keeping many of us indoors far longer than we would want. Thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel and Spring is on its way.
Spring can be an inspiring time. Snowdrops, daffodils and tulips bring colour and the promise of longer days and warmer weather. The idea of getting something free can also be inspiring, and we have lots of free things on offer in this newsletter.
An ever expanding range of activities at Holgate Villa for example. How about learning more about the History of York, or trying safe and enjoyable exercises to improve your fitness. If you like practical things, you could try our new knitting group. See page 9 for details.

(These activities are funded by the National Lottery)
And there is more ……….
I personally like going to the Theatre and have seen a huge variety of shows that have been audio described. We are very lucky in York that we have a fabulous audio description service, and we are offering FREE theatre tickets so you can try it out for yourself. See page 11.
And more ……………

If the recent cold weather left you shivering at home, perhaps you need to have better insulation or more efficient central heating. Maybe you don’t have central heating at all and would like it. There are several different schemes where you can get help free - see page 4.
And yet more ……………
Or how about a FREE afternoon of entertainment. We are very privileged to have Vidar Hjardeng, Head of Diversity for ITV News and Regions coming to visit us on Tuesday May 11th. Vidar is a very accomplished person. He is a trustee of RNIB, is the Chair of Vocaleyes and is himself blind. He would love to meet as many members of the Society as possible, so please come along to what will be an interesting and lively session. See the enclosed flyer for details.
And of course, we can give you free help and advice on any aspect of visual impairment.
On a slightly different note, I will be celebrating this month. On 26th February 2010, I will have worked for the Society for 20 years!
I remember back in 1990 being a very young and naïve new employee doing a job share with my sister, Sue Ferguson. We came to the Society to set up a Volunteer Visiting Service – which thankfully is still a service of the Society and, I have to say, far better than it was in those early days.

The Society was then called York and District Voluntary Society for the Visually Impaired and was operating from donated office space at Hague and Dixon solicitors in Cumberland Street in approximately 10 square feet of space!
What a long way we have come since then, and what a privilege it has been to be part of that journey.
I want to thank everyone I have worked with over those 20 years, you have taught me so much. There have been challenges, some lows and some real highs too, but never a dull moment. This job has given me so many opportunities and enabled me to meet so many wonderful people that I really am celebrating the fact that I have been here for 20 years. Thank you.
Over the last few months we have been working with the City Council Strategy Development team to raise awareness of the needs of blind and partially sighted people in the community. Subjects such as transport, street furniture, tactile paving, and footpaths were discussed. The Council are very keen to hear your views and so we are organising a ‘Planning for Real - Have Your Say’ event here at YBPSS. PLEASE come and join the discussion and make sure that future York transport plans and developments are visually impaired people friendly! See page 13.
On a fundraising note, the front cover shows a photograph of pupils of Tadcaster Grammar School presenting us with a cheque for £2,000. They raised this doing a sponsored walk. It was a fantastic effort and we are really grateful to them, and to Brian Smith and his guide dog who did the walk with them.
During February and March we will be trying to find out what you think about our services by asking some of you to complete a questionnaire. The information we gather will help us to know if we have got it right. But please don’t wait for us to ask you if you have something you would like to tell us. We are always happy to hear your views, iron out any difficulties, or listen to your suggestions. Please talk to any member of staff or me, Diane Roworth, Chief Officer, direct line 731121.

Benefits You Could Claim

Free Insulation

Free benefits check

Free Home Insulation and help with central heating upgrade

Many readers will qualify for free or subsidised loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, draft proofing, help with the cost of replacing broken or old boilers, and in some cases, installation of central heating.
If you are over 60 or receiving means tested benefits, Disability Living Allowance, or Attendance Allowance it is likely that you will qualify for entirely free installation of loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. If your loft insulation was done many years ago it is likely to be less than the current recommended level and so you could get it upgraded free.
Many of you may be put off claiming this because of the paperwork involved. Yorkshire Housing can help you through the maze and make it as easy as possible for you.
Maggie Partridge from Yorkshire Housing can visit you at home and discuss the various options with you. She can then complete the paperwork for you and help you with the arrangements. If you don’t have central heating, she may be able to help you get it installed particularly if you are frail or have health problems.
Contact Maggie Partridge at Yorkshire Housing on 754449.
Free Benefits Check

You could be missing out on extra money to help make your life easier. For example Income Support, Housing or Council Tax benefit (everyone living on their own is entitled to a reduction in their Council Tax), Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance. There are so many different benefits, all of which have their own rules for claiming, that to be on the safe side and to ensure you are not missing out, you should ask for a free benefits check.
The City of York Council have a team of friendly staff who are there to help you make sure that you’re getting all the benefits you are entitled to.

To find out more, contact them on 552233 between 8.30am and 5pm.

New in the Equipment and Information Centre

Are you looking for a very simple mobile phone that receives calls from anyone but allows you to ring only the important people in your life? If so, this may be for you.
Doro HandlePlus 334 mobile phone

This simple phone makes contacting up to four named people and receiving calls as easy as possible. It has four speed dial buttons (marked A B C and D) which are programmed for you when you buy the phone with the numbers of your choice. You can write the name of the person by the side of their button so you don’t have to remember which is which.

The phone is larger than most mobiles and has large black buttons with high contrast, white, 6mm high letters and an emergency call button. It comes with a T-Mobile SIM and top up card, desk charging cradle, mains charger and hands free earpiece. It can be used with any network, however, monthly contract SIM cards from "network 3" will not work in this phone. £100.
Other easy to use mobile phones that allow you to call any number are on display in our Equipment Centre including a clamshell mobile which allows you to send and receive texts and receive picture messages.

Large talking watch £27.95

This watch is ‘easy to see’ as well as talking, and looks just like an ordinary watch. It has a white face with black hands and numbers, a chrome case and brown leather strap. It has an alarm and optional hourly report.

Voice Recording Keyring

The great little keyring allows you to record a note of up to 10 seconds in length, for example a telephone number or a reminder to do something, a short shopping list, etc. It is only £2.92 so you could keep one by the phone and one in your bag or pocket for when you are out and about. It is simple to use, press one button to record your message and the same button to play back. £2.92

Equipment to help with reading

Good magnification and lighting can help you make the best use of your vision when it comes to reading. But equally as important is finding a comfortable place and sitting position that avoids stress and strain on your neck and back. The following equipment can help.

NEW - Porta-Book reading stand

This reading stand is very lightweight and easily portable. It can be used as a stand for a book or small laptop and when folded flat, as a clipboard. Putting your book on this stand allows you to have your hands free to hold your magnifier and to sit up straight, thus avoiding neck and back strain. You can use it on your lap or on a table. It has 5 different angles and can also be used as a folder and desk organiser. £16.99

Adjustable wooden reading stand £35

This is slightly heavier and more substantial than the plastic reading stand and is best used sitting at a table. It has a document clip to hold reading material in place and 5 angle positions.

Type and Write stand

This is a dual-purpose, lightweight, wooden stand that can be used for writing or supporting a laptop. Its angle allows you to improve your posture and work in comfort. It folds flat when not in use and costs £19.95


This simple clipboard can make it easier to read letters and newspapers when using a magnifier. Clip your letter to the board, sit upright and bring the board towards you, to the best distance for using your magnifier. It has a large, easy to open, clip. £3.50

Twist portable light

This Daylight, mains operated, portable light has an Easy-Twist shade for maximum light angle. It is lightweight, compact and folds up neatly. Available in white with grey base or silver with black base. Its 13 watt, low-heat, energy saving, daylight tube provides perfect colour matching, reduced glare and less eyestrain. £29.95.

We have a selection of table top and floor standing lamps on display if you would like to try them to find the best one for you.

Compact Mini Electronic Magnifier - £295

This new portable electronic video magnifier has a screen measuring 3.5" x 2.75" and an inbuilt, collapsible reading stand. It weights just under 5oz so is ideal when going shopping. It has several excellent screen contrast modes and a freeze frame facility, which is similar to taking a picture. For example you could point the Compact Mini at a price ticket on a high or low shelf, press the freeze frame, and the image is captured on the screen. You can then bring the magnifier in front of you where you can read it. Very versatile - do come and try it.

FREE - we have some Eezee Readers which are obsolete, but in good working order. They will only work with analogue TVs, and are tuned into a spare channel on the TV set. If you need help to do this, we can arrange it for you.
To read, you place the Eezee Reader on the print and the print is then magnified onto your TV screen in a much enlarged format. Speak to Fiona if you are interested in one, a small donation would be appreciated.
Don’t forget our At Home Service. If you can’t get into the Centre, we have volunteers who can bring equipment out to you to demonstrate, or deliver orders, change batteries or settings on clocks and watches – please just ask.
Please note, the Equipment Centre will be closed on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th March for stock taking.

Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale

Our annual stock take always results in lots of equipment which is of good working order, but old stock. We also have equipment which is second hand, but in good working order, things like lamps, a microwave kettle, watches and writing frames. So we are having a sale, which will be for 2 weeks, starting Monday 19th April until Friday 30th April. Come along and grab a bargain.

Activities at YBPSS

From Ann Mattam

It’s the start of a new year, so why not try one our activities? We have regular activities taking place weekly or monthly, and some new ones starting this spring.
Some help with transport is available and we always have time for socialising over coffee and biscuits at each meeting. If you would like to come and try something new, please ring me (Ann) on 731123.


Knit & Natter, monthly

Whether you are a proficient knitter or you’d like to re-learn to knit, come & join us. Help is on hand with the things you may find tricky, like picking up dropped stitches and we have advice and encouragement from experienced, visually impaired knitters too.
We also have lots and lots of wool and needles, thanks to an advert in the York Press. So come along and help us use it. Do your own knitting or you can knit items that we can use for fundraising.
We begin with tea or coffee & biscuits & we chat throughout!
The next session will be March 9th at 10.30, just come along.

Book group - monthly

Do you enjoy listening to books? Would you like to meet others and discuss the book over a cup of coffee and biscuits? If so come and join us.

Walking Group - monthly

Put a spring in your step and join our walking group. We do local walks of around 3 - 4 miles and escorts can be provided.

Thursdays, weekly

Exercise Group

The gentle exercise to music group is from 10.30am – 11.30am. It may be gentle, but it really does improve fitness.
NEW Activities

The History of York

York is such a fascinating city, come and learn more about it. After Easter we have a new course, in conjunction with the Workers Education Association, entitled ‘The History Of York’. Robert Wright, our tutor, led our last local history course & everyone found him an excellent speaker. One member’s comment was ‘an ideal lecturer with incisiveness & enthusiasm’. A friend or escort can join in if you wish, but we do need twelve people for the course to run. Please ring me (Ann) for more information as soon as possible.
Rag Rug Taster Session
Rag rugs have been in use for many years, and were often regarded as utilitarian and not very exciting. Not so any more. They are increasing in popularity and are often made to order in specific designs and patterns.
Louisa Creed specialises in making rag rugs, and as a visually impaired person, would like to pass on her skills to others.
Come to our Rag Rug Taster session on Thursday 25th March from 2.00 to 3.30 to see some of Louisa's work and have a go for yourself. All materials are provided. Please telephone to book your place.

Computer Users

Network news

Latest news from the YBPSS computer suite is that we now have a computer users group that meets once a month. The group is an opportunity for anyone who has an interest in computing to come along and meet others with similar interests.

The meetings are very informal and give members a chance to share problems and knowledge. We have had two meetings so far, the last of which included discussions of ‘What is the Internet?’, ‘How do I use the I-Player?’ and ‘What is downloading?’ amongst many others. The next meeting will be early March, ring 636269 for details. Julie Wells, Computer Tutor.

Discover Theatre

Free theatre tickets

Live theatre is great entertainment and we are lucky in York that we have two good venues which offer a huge variety of performances. They are the Theatre Royal and the Grand Opera House.
We are also very lucky that both theatres are really keen to encourage visually impaired theatregoers and so provide an Audio Description Service and discounted tickets.
Audio description brings performances to life for people who have limited vision. By wearing a small headset when watching the play you can listen to a live description of actions, facial expressions, scenery changes etc, woven in between the dialogue of the play itself. Many users say how much it adds to their enjoyment of the show and helps them follow what is going on without having to ask their companion. The service is free, as is a touch tour of the set 1 hour before the show starts.
We are working together with both Theatres to encourage more blind and partially sighted people to ‘Discover Theatre’ for themselves and try out Audio Description for free.
We have FREE tickets for anyone who hasn’t been to the theatre in the last year or tried audio description before.
Either Ann Mattam or Diane Roworth will be at each show to meet you. We will have a short introduction to the evening (or afternoon), a tour of the stage so that you can see the scenery, props, costumes and hopefully talk to the actors too. After that, we will meet the audio describers who will show you the headsets, tell you about their role, and make sure you are happy with using the equipment before sitting down to watch the show.
The audio description team and theatre staff are happy to help in whatever way they can to ensure you have an enjoyable evening.
SO – please take advantage of this once only offer of free theatre tickets, and discover for yourself what an enjoyable experience going to the theatre can be.
We have 5 free tickets for visually impaired people at each of the following Theatre Royal shows (plus a free ticket for your escort/companion).
Other people may book at a cost of £10-12 per person and a free ticket for your escort. If booking your tickets through us, please send your payment 1 week before the show at the latest. Refunds subject to Theatre policy.
Morecambe The story of the man who brought us sunshine, Eric Morecambe. Saturday, 6th March 6.20 for 7.30pm performance.
Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall Spike Milligan's celebrated war memoirs, including some great jazz music, Saturday, 20th March at 6.20 for 7.30pm performance.
The Secret of Sherlock Holmes takes us on a journey into the mind of the greatest detective of all time. This is a matinee, in conjunction with ‘See a Voice’ who provide training for audio describers, and will include free lunch. Saturday, 27th March at 12.30 for 2.30 performance.
Oh What A Lovely War

From the misplaced optimism of the British home front to the blood soaked fields of Flanders, the story is told through a fantastic collection of irreverent and poignant songs including "Pack up your troubles" and "Keep the Home Fires Burning".
There will be a Discover Theatre Day with the Grand Opera House advertised in the next newsletter.
Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to attend any of the above shows, as free tickets are limited.

Planning for Real

Tell City of York Council staff what is good, or not so good, for visually impaired people in York

You will remember from previous newsletters that members of the Society have started to become involved with issues such as transport and the environment. Now it is your turn to have your say!
The City of York Council is currently preparing a new development plan for York known as the Local Development Framework (LDF). It will consider what housing, jobs, leisure facilities, transport, shops and open spaces are needed in York over the next 20 years.
In addition to this, there will also be a more detailed plan for considering York City Centre and issues such as improving public streets and spaces and overcoming barriers to movement. And that includes movement for blind and partially sighted people.
Council Officers undertaking this work would like to hear the views of YBPSS members on how these plans can help to create inclusive communities that meet the needs of all York residents. So what exactly is it that makes York a good place for blind and partially sighted people to live, and what could be improved? How can we get it right in the next 20 years?
We want as many people as possible to come to a discussion meeting with Council Planning and Transport Officers who are really keen to hear your views. Please see the enclosed flyer for details of the meeting. Please come.

Health and Well Being

Stop Smoking

Health information you can read

Help to stop smoking

It is recognised that smoking is bad for you and particularly bad for your eyes, so it really is a good idea to quit. To help you, there is support available both locally and nationally.
The NHS has produced a Help Pack which is available in large print, braille and audio. For a free copy ring the helpline on 0800 022 4332 or visit: www.nhs./gosmokefree
The North Yorkshire Stop Smoking Service offers group and one-to-one support and advice. To find out where your nearest service is telephone them on 0845 811 0025.
You are four times more likely to stop if you get help along the way, so get in touch with the helplines.
Health Information you can read

Do you have trouble reading letters from York Hospital or other health professionals such as your GP?
The RNIB are currently campaigning for visually impaired people to get the information they need from the NHS in accessible formats.
Most blind and partially sighted people don’t realise that they are legally entitled to have information in a format they can read, so they don’t ask for it.
In York, we have an arrangement with York Hospital, whereby patients can choose to have a symbol placed on their hospital file to indicate that they are visually impaired, and also to ask for correspondence in large print. You can also ask for tape and braille information, but you need to do this each time. However, there is nothing in place for GP’s or other health professionals.

Sometimes it is difficult to get what you want so the RNIB have created a letter which can be sent to your GP, clinic or other health professional, requesting large print, audio, braille or email.

If you would like a copy of this letter to send to some-one, please let us know. We can help you fill it in if you wish.
If you would like to know more about the Symbol Scheme that operates at York Hospital, please contact Vanessa Camp, our Eye Clinic Liaison Officer. Vanssa is based at York Hospital in the Eye Clinic Outpatients department on Wednesday afternoons, Thursday and Fiday. You can pop in to see her if you are at the Eye Clinic, or ring her on 721858.

Members Column

What helps me – Ron Gilbert

I have Macular Degeneration and regularly attend the MD group at YBPSS. The Society has a lot of different pieces of equipment in its Centre but one thing they don’t have, which I find very useful, is a head torch.
This is a very bright light which is fastened to elastic straps and it sits on your head, similar to a miners lamp but much lighter. It has three levels of brightness, and can be set at different angles. I find it particularly useful when working in dark areas where you need both hands free – for example in a cupboard.

You can buy a head torch from most outdoor shops, also Barnitts in Colliergate or Acomb stock them. They have 6 varieties ranging from £2.99 to £12.99.
I also use a set of spectacles which have one eye blanked out and a magnifier built into the other. This allows me to use strong magnification at either distance, or close up, again hands free. These were made for me by one of the Opticians at York Hospital Low Vision Clinic.

If you haven’t had an appointment at a Low Vision Clinic then get in touch with Deb or Fiona in the Equipment Centre, and they can tell you how to get one.

Keeping in Touch

Radio Four Programme

Telephone Book Club

In Touch is a programme on BBC Radio 4, broadcast on Tuesday evenings at 8.40pm. Its content is entirely focused on the interests and concerns of blind and partially sighted people. The main presenter is Peter White, who is himself blind, and all the team and many of the guests are also blind or partially sighted. I (Diane) have been a guest, presenting Blindness for Beginners on more than one occasion.
It is a really useful way of keeping up to date with the latest equipment and hot topics, and a great forum for blind and partially sighted people's views. Tune in on Tuesday evenings at 8.40pm (on 92-95 FM or 103-105 FM).

Talking Books Audio Book Club

If you are a member of the RNIB Talking Book Service, you may be interested to know that they offer Telephone Talking Book Clubs.
The groups have no more than 8 members and are facilitated by friendly and highly trained volunteers. They run in 6 monthly cycles meeting once a month. The cost is £12 for the 6 sessions to non RNIB members (free to members), but there is no charge for the phone call, the RNIB ring you.
For further details, call the RNIB Talk and Support Service on 0845 330 3723

Out and About

National Trust Guide

National Trust Access Guide.

Are you thinking of summer and getting out and about? The National Trust owns 300 historic houses and 180 gardens, and is keen to encourage access for everyone. They produce an Access Guide to all their properties which gives information about physical access, but also if there is large print or audio information, objects you can touch etc. It is free and available in print, large print, and audio and sections can be Brailled.
Their admissions policy admits the essential companion or carer of a disabled person free of charge. You can request this any time you visit, but to make life easier for yourself, you can apply for an ‘admit one free’ card. The card is issued in the name of the disabled person so you can take anyone in with you.
The Access Guide and Admit One Card are free to anyone, you don’t have to be a member. Call the Membership Department on 0844 800 1895 for the guide and card, or for an audio guide, contact SoundTalking on 01435 862 737 or e-mail: admin@soundtalking.co.uk


London Marathon

Pink Elephants

New Year, New Fundraising

We have been very lucky to gain a place in the London Marathon this year and have a very enthusiastic runner, Karen Ireland. Karen's grandfather was blind, and she is raising money for us in his memory. To help her fundraising effort she is organising a coffee morning on Wednesday 24th

February, 10am-1pm at English Martyrs Church Hall on Dalton Terrace (where we hold the AGM). The 70p entrance fee includes a drink and biscuit, and there is also a tombola, raffle and cake stall. She would love to see members of the society there, so please support her if you can.
If you cannot make it, but would like to sponsor Karen who will be running the 26-mile London Marathon on Sunday, 25th April, we have a sponsor form here. You can ring us or send your donation through the post OR, you can sponsor online at www.everyclick.com/londonmarathonchallenge

Pink Elephants raise £1,500

We have around 100 Pink Elephants collection boxes in shops and pubs in the city which, between them, bring in around £1,500 a year. Each one has to be emptied, usually twice a year, and I need a couple of volunteers to help in the Woodthorpe and Poppleton areas. If you, or one of your friends, could help do please let me know.
We are delighted that Shepherd Group Social Club have offered us the chance to have a tombola at their Spring Dance. If you have anything suitable for a tombola prize, please ring me.
And finally, there were several events at the end of 2009 which brought in lots of money for us. The City Centre Collection and Coppergate Carols raised just over £1,600 between them and bag packing in Marks & Spencer raised £300. None of this would be possible without our dedicated volunteers, so if you were one of them – thank you very much.
Over the next few months we will be having collections at The Railway Station, Sainsburys in Foss Bank and Morrisons in Foss Island. Collectors usually collect for one or two hours and we always tell you how much you have collected in your box. If you can help me, please give me a ring on 731126 – all the dates are in the diary section on the last page. Thank you in advance. Stine, Community Fundraiser.
We have received very generous donations from

Fulford Townswomens Guild, The Freemasons Provincial Grand Charity, York County Round Table and Give as You Earn from Employees of Wm Birch, plus the pupils of Tadcaster Grammar School, in total £3,620. We have also received another legacy (gift in a will) of £800. We are so grateful to everyone for their support. We can only provide our services because of it. Thank you.

Audio Description at York Theatres

The following performances are audio described on the dates given. If buying tickets direct from the theatre, please book your headset and touch tour 48 hours in advance. See page 11 for details of FREE tickets.

Grand Opera House

Grand Opera House Access Line, tel. 678700 option 1.

Ticket prices are the same for you and your escort.
To celebrate 70 years of the Home Guard, Dad's Army is returning to the stage. Sat.

3rd April at 2.30 and 7.30pm.
When Harry Met Sally, the romantic comedy about two friends who become lovers across a decade Sat. 10th April at 2.30 and 7.30pm.

York Theatre Royal

Telephone 623568.

Ticket prices are for the person using audio description, with free escort

Beauty and the Beast, York Light Orchestra present the beloved "tale as old as time", Saturday, 27th February at 2.30 and 7.30pm

Morecambe, the story of the man who brought us sunshine, Eric Morecambe. Saturday, 6th March at 2.30 and 7.30pm.
Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall is Spike Milligan's celebrated war memoir, Sat. 20th March 2.30/7.30pm.
The Secret of Sherlock Holmes takes us on a journey into the mind of the greatest detective of all time. Saturday, 27th March at 2.30 and 7.30pm.
The 39 Steps is Alfred Hitchcock's classic spy thriller with a difference! Sat. 3rd April 2.30 & 7.30pm.
Oh What A Lovely War, the story of the war told through a collection of classic songs such as "Pack Up Your Troubles" Sat. 10th April 2.30/7.30pm.

Diary Dates


Sat 27th Beauty and the Beast, Theatre Royal 2.30 and 7.30


Sat 6th Morecambe, Theatre Royal 2.30 and 7.30
Fri 12th/ Sat. 13th Collection, Morrisons
Fri 19th Collection, Sainsbury
Sat 20th Adolf Hitler: My Part in his Downfall, Theatre Royal, 2.30 and 7.30
Wed 24th Collection, City Centre
Thurs 25th and Friday 26th Equipment and Information Centre closed for stocktaking
Thurs 25th Rag Rug taster session, 2.00
Sat 27th The Secret of Sherlock Holmes, Theatre Royal, 2.30 and 7.30


Fri 2nd, Monday 5th, Tuesday 6th Easter, YBPSS closed

Sat 3rd Dad's Army, Grand Opera House, 2.30 and 7.30
Sat 3rd The 39 Steps, Theatre Royal, 2.30 and 7.30

Sat 10th When Harry Met Sally, Grand Opera House, 2.30 and 7.30
Sat 10th Oh What A Lovely War, Theatre Royal, 2.30 and 7.30
Mon 12th MD Group Meeting, Holgate Villa, 10.30
Sun 25th London Marathon
Tuesday 27th, Planning for Real at YBPSS 10.30
Thurs 29th and Friday 30th Collection, York Railway Station


Sat 1st Collection, York Railway Station
Mon 3rd Bank Holiday, YBPSS closed
Tues 11th Come and meet Vidar Hjarding, 2.00 for 2.30
Comments and suggestions about this newsletter are very welcome by the editor, Diane Roworth, tel 731121, or email diane.roworth@ybpss.org

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