Ye olde Heraldry project! Mr. Parsons – 7th Grade World History

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Ye olde Heraldry project!

Mr. Parsons – 7th Grade World History

Name: ________________________________________ Period: _____

As we have learned in class, many wealthy families, knights and nobles kept track of their family history, and over time developed a coat-of-arms for themselves. This is called HERALDRY! We have seen all of the things that go into a coat-of-arms, and now it is time for you to create your own family shield, complete with your own details!

Your coat-of-arms must have the following sections to it (see diagram on back for ideas!): 1. a family motto (usually something positive, and if you really want to get creative, you can use an online English-to-Latin translator to get the Latin version!), 2. a crest (which appears at the top of your shield, and which is usually an animal of some type: horse, stag, dragon…etc!), 3. your shield itself (which must be broken up into a minimum of four areas, and a maximum of six…see back for further explanations), 4. your “animal” supporters, which are found on the sides of your crest, and 5. beneath everything, your family name on a banner!

Your coat of arms must be of a certain size! It must be shield-sized: in other words, it must be NO LESS THAN 2 FT (24 INCHES), AND AT LEAST 1 FT. (12 INCHES) WIDE!

You can use many different materials for this project: cardboard, wood, household materials…as always, BE CREATIVE and use whatever you would like to use, but follow the look of a traditional coat-of-arms! If you have questions on what can be used, ask Mr. Parsons.

When designing your coat-of-arms, think of the following:

  1. For your actual shield sections, use objects that represent YOU. For instance, one of your sections might show an animal you feel represents you. Another might show a symbol that you feel represents something you enjoy (such as a Nike swoosh, etc.). You can be creative as you want with this section, as long as it is school appropriate!

  2. Your FAMILY MOTTO must be a saying of some kind. For instance:

Truth conquers (or in Latin, “Vincit veritas”) For ideas, there is a really cool site that tells the family mottos for many, many family names at:

Or, you can create one of your own!

  1. For the colors of your coat-of-arms, traditionally, they are two colors ONLY for the shield itself. Any objects you add to the shield can have different colors on them, but the shield sections must be broken up by two colors.

Here is an example of a family coat of arms with all of its parts. Use it as a modeL.

diagram of a coat of arms

The above coat-of-arms is an example of things you should have on your own. You DO NOT need to have the following (though you can if you want some extra credit!) the wreath, helmet and mantle.

  1. To go with your shield, you must have a written portion done as well. It will be a description of your coat-of-arms, and it must include the following: 1. An introduction paragraph that talks about what you have included in your shield. (all parts!) 2. Two body paragraphs that describe each section of your shield (what each section has in it, what each means to you and why you put them on your shield.) 3. A mention of your family motto and what it means, as well as what animals you chose and why.

You should have a total of four paragraphs for your coat-of-arms, TYPED. Each paragraph should have a minimum of five COMPLETE sentences!!!

Possible ways to divide the shield! Don’t forget: FOUR SECTIONS MINIMUM, SIX MAXIMUM!

Types of shields:

classiccontinentalangledcurvededgedbadgeelegantornatebeveledornamental edge


  1. Coat-of-arms that includes your sections (with symbols), family motto, crest, animal “supporters on the sides, and family name/location.

  1. Colored appropriately (TWO COLORS, plus objects colored!)

  2. Shield is the correct size (24 inches tall, 12 inches wide MINIMUM! IT CAN BE BIGGER THAN THAT!)

  3. Uses various materials to create coat-of-arms.

  4. Neat and to the best of your ability!

Points break-down:

Appropriate color scheme (two colors) 10 Pts. ____

5 pts./shield section w/objects (4 minimum) 20 Pts. ____

Animal “supporters” 10 Pts. ____

Crest animal 5 Pts. ____

Family motto in a banner. 5 Pts. ____

Family name and location at bottom. 5 Pts. ____

Correct size or bigger! 10 Pts. ____

Neat and Complete Appearance 15 Pts. ____

Paragraphs/Description/Explanations 20 Pts. ____

Total: 100 Pts. ____

Remember!: For each day your coat-of-arms is late, you will lose 10 points on this project.

Due Date: _________________________________

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