Wtp lessons 16 & 17 2) The Federalists & Anti-Federalists ce. Cg 3

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WTP Lessons 16 & 17 (3.2)

The Federalists & Anti-Federalists

CE.CG.1.3: Evaluate how debates on power & authority between the Federalists & Anti-Federalists helped shape government in US over time.

As you read the section, take notes on the people and ideas involved in the debate over ratification of the Constitution.

  1. What were the Federalists?

  1. What were the Anti-Federalists?

  1. Who were among the leading Federalists?

  1. Who were among the leading Anti-Federalists?

  1. Explain the propaganda the Federalists used to persuade the states to ratify the Constitution.

  1. Explain how Anti-Federalists achieved their goal of adding a BOR to the Constitution?

  1. What method did the Federalists use to ratify the Constitution? Why?

  1. What lasting impact did the Anti-Federalists and their demands give us?

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