Writing an Investigative Newspaper Report

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Writing an Investigative Newspaper Report
As a muckraker, you uncovered alarming information about problems in American society at the turn of the century. You will now expose what you have learned to the American public by writing a newspaper report that will stir your readers to action!
You will be graded using the following checklist as well as the 9th and 10th Grade Narrative Writing Rubric. Make sure to review both to receive maximum points!
Your article must include these elements:
_____An appropriate and appealing title, a byline with your name, and an appropriate date from the time period.
______An introduction with a brief explanation of muckraking and an overview of what you plan to expose in your article.
______In body paragraph(s) thoroughly describe at least 2 problems that you have uncovered. Use vivid and shocking language.
______A conclusion summarizing the reasons your readers should help to fix the problems described.
______A “photograph” from your investigation with a brief caption. This can be a drawing you make or a copy of a photograph from a book or the Internet. It should depict something you wrote about in the article.
Any other clever and creative touches that will make your article more realistic.
See Writing Rubric on reverse side

Total: 30 points

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