Write for the kw-record

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Write for the KW-Record
The year is 1967 and the KW Record is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation! The Record is dedicating a section on “The Fathers of Confederation”, to commemorate the monumental role specific actors played in shaping the birth of our nation. Please help the KW Record showcase Canada’s Centennial year by writing an opinion piece describing the most influential “Father of Confederation”.

Things to consider when you are thinking of ideas…

  • What role did this person play in shaping our nation?

  • Who did this person represent?

  • Why is this person historically significant; worth commemorating on Canada’s 100th Birthday

  • How is this person remembered in today’s society

    • Ex: George Brown has a college named after him that opened in 1967

Success Criteria

  1. History

    1. I have described various ways the individual shaped the unification of British North America by completing the “Fathers of Confederation Research Organizer”

    2. My ideas are supported by historical evidence in a clear, logical order

  2. Language Arts (Writing)

    1. Using the information from my research organizer, I have written an opinion piece with 4-5 specific examples that demonstrate my understanding of how this individual influenced Confederation

    2. I have included supporting detail to further explain the main idea

    3. My tone and word selection is appropriate for the intended audience

    4. I have reviewed my assignment for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation

  3. Language Arts (Media Literacy)

    1. I have included a picture to visually represent my opinion piece

    2. I have creatively presented my opinion piece and picture in newspaper format

Sample 1: Newspaper Generator
Link: http://www.presentationmagazine.com/editable-old-newspaper-template-4520.htm

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Sample 2: Newspaper Generator
Link: http://www.homemade-gifts-made-easy.com/newspaper-generator.html
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