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World War II Study Guide


Franklin Delano Roosevelt-president of US during WWII

Joseph Stalin-leader of Russia during WWII

Winston Churchill-leader of Britain during WWII

Benito Mussolini-leader of Italy during WWII

Emperor Tojo-leader of Japan in WWII

Adolf Hitler-leader of Germany during WWII

Neville Chamberlain-leader of Britain before WWII, tried to appease Hitler by giving him Czechoslovakia


Pearl Harbor-December 7, 1941, Japanese attack Pearl Harbor and US declares war

Lend-Lease Act-US lends military supplies to Britain

Blitzkrieg—lightning war, German strategy was to destroy key points quickly with tanks and airplanes

Island Hopping-Allied strategy to defeat Japan, gradually get closer to Japanese mainland

Atomic Bomb-dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, extremely powerful

Holocaust-Hitler’s plan to exterminate all the unwanted races, especially Jews

Appeasement-Britain trying to give Hitler what he wanted (Czechoslovakia) in order to avoid war

Battle of Britain-(1940) Germany trying to bomb Britain into submission, Britain wins because of radar

Totalitarianism-one person having complete control of a country

Fascism-everything is to support the government, people’s job is to make the government great

Draft-way for a country to increase its military, citizens are forced to join

D-Day-June 6, 1944, Allies recapture part of France despite massive casualties

Japanese Internment Camps-US forces Japanese to live in camps because we’re afraid of spies

Rosie the Riveter-symbol of the working woman in WWII

Embargo-refusing to trade with someone

Practice Questions

Why did people like Mussolini and Hitler come into power?

The economy of their countries was terrible and not getting better so citizens wanted a change. They voted in dictators so they could make decisions quickly and fix the economy.

Who were the three main Axis and Allied countries and their leaders?

Axis Allies

Germany-Adolf Hitler Britain-Winston Churchill

Italy-Benito Mussolini USA-Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Japan-Emperor Tojo Soviet Union-Joseph Stalin

How could something as bad as the Holocaust happen? What allowed it to occur?

People didn’t say anything, Germans were brainwashed, people didn’t know the extent of it, people were afraid for their own lives, it was gradual so people didn’t notice

Was the U.S. justified in dropping the atomic bomb? Give reasons for and against the U.S. dropping the bomb.

Yes-saved American lives, Japanese attacked us first, Japan wasn’t surrendering, had to show the rest of the world we were powerful

No-we killed mostly civilians, Japan was probably going to surrender anyway because USSR and Britain joined against them, we were already dropping firebombs

How did the U.S. benefit from the Lend-Lease Act?

US economy got a boost because we had to create a lot of weapons for Britain.

We helped Britain stay alive so we had an ally in Europe to fight Germany and Italy

-Saved American lives by having Britain fight first, we just sacrificed supplies at first

How did the U.S. prepare itself for war? Consider things that everyday people had to do.

Draft-people had to join the army Ration Cards-People had to consume less

Victory Gardens-encouraged to grow own vegetables

Junk Drives-kids went around collecting scrap metal for the military

Review your Facts Every American Should Know sheet!

Know countries! Britain, France, Spain, U.S.S.R., Germany, Poland, Italy, China, Japan

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