World War I test Review

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World War I Test Review

  1. What were the main causes of WWI?

  2. Identify the Central Powers

  3. Identify the Triple Entente

  4. What country did Franz Ferdinand represent?

  5. What area of Europe was called the “powder keg” because of its instability?

  6. Why did Gavrilo Princip assassinate Franz Ferdinand and his wife?

  7. Describe “No Man’s Land” and explain what it meant to go “Over the top”

  8. Describe why people were so excited when WWI initially began.

  9. Explain Reparations

  10. Identify 4 new weapons used during WWI.

  11. Explain how the Treaty of Versailles created conditions that would lead to WWII.

  12. Describe Imperialism

  13. How did Germany’s methods of paying reparations affect their economy?

  14. How was disease contracted by the soldier’s in the trenches?

  15. Identify the years during which WWI was fought.

  16. Who was the first country to enter WWI?

  17. Describe the purpose of the Schleiffen Plan.

  18. What animal was known to prey on dead soldiers in the trenches?

  19. Explain the significance of the Alliance system.

  20. Describe the consequence of militarism.

  21. Which two events forced the United States to enter the war?

  22. Why did Germany surrender at the end of WWI?

  23. What did Germany agree to at the end of WWI?

  24. Explain how Trench Foot was caused.

  25. What was the treaty of Brest-Litosvk?

  26. Which czar abdicated the throne during WWI?

  27. Describe Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution.

  28. Who was the first leader of the USSR?

  29. Why did the Russians follow the Bolsheviks?

  30. What economic system was put in place in Russia by the Bolsheviks?

  31. What is self-determination and how could it help prevent another war like WWI?

  32. Identify the 4 aims of the League of Nations.

  33. Explain how the structure of the League of Nations caused it to be ineffective.

  34. Identify the strengths of the League of Nations.

  35. Identify the weaknesses of the League of Nations.

Open Response: Looking at the Treaty of Versailles and the effectiveness of the League of Nations, briefly describe (using examples) how the stage was set for World War II to occur.

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