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Unit Sheet for Chapter Four

Mr. Culbertson


Han dynasty


Liu Bang


Qin dynasty

Shang dynasty

Cheng (Shih Huang Ti)

Liu Ch’e (Wu Ti)

Xia dynasty

Zhou dynasty

Concept Questions:
1. Why is the Huang River called “China’s Sorrow,” and why is this partly the result of misguided human efforts?
2. What created China’s geographic isolation, and what effect did this have on China’s development?
3. How did the Shang dynasty come to power, and what accomplishments occurred during their rule?
4. How did the founders of the Zhou dynasty use the idea of the “Mandate of Heaven” to justify taking power from the Shang rulers?*
5. How did the Emperor Cheng govern China differently than it had been governed in the past? What two impressive monuments were built during his rule?*
6. What new method of governing was introduced during the Han Dynasty, which we still use today in the United States?
7. What was leveling, and what was it attempting to prevent?
8. What was the importance of the Silk Road in Chinese history, and how was it dependant on military power?
9. What are the most important ideas in Confucianism, and what did he believe was the basis of good government?
10. What was the approach to life of the Daoists, followers of Laozi?
11. What was legalism, and how does the history of the Qin Dynasty caution against relying completely on this approach to government?
12. Why did Buddhism have so much appeal for people in China?
13. What made the family so important in Chinese society and how did the ancient Chinese express their reverence for family?
14. What are three major inventions that were created in ancient China?
Reading Assignments:

Tuesday, 10/7: Sections 1, 2 and 3

Thursday, 10/9: Sections 4 and 5
Written Assignments:

Monday, 10/6: China Map Assignment

Thursday, 10/9: Concept Questions 1-14

Friday, 10/10: Test on China and India

China Map Assignment

Mr. Culbertson

Physical Features
Chang River


East China Sea

Gobi Desert


Huang River


South China Sea

Tibetan Plateau

Xi River

Yellow Sea
Cities and Manmade Features



Great Wall

Han Dynasty (Area of control)


Qin Dynasty (Area of control)

Shang Dynasty (Area of control)

Silk Road

Xi’an (Ch’ang-an)


Chinese Dynasties and Accomplishments

For each of the following dynasties, answer the following questions: How and when did they come to power? What important individuals lived during this dynasty? What religious or cultural advances took place during this dynasty? What were the most important technological advances during this dynasty? What important accomplishments occurred during this dynasty?

Xia Dynasty

Shang Dynasty

Zhou Dynasty

Qin Dynasty

Han Dynasty

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