World History (Wetmore) 1st Semester Final Study Guide 2013

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World History (Wetmore) 1st Semester Final Study Guide 2013
Final will be 200 points – 100 Scantron Questions (Bring a #2 Pencil) and the Written Movie Review worth 100 points. All scantron questions come from test or quiz questions during the semester. The final is worth 10% of the semester grade.
The following notes from the chapters which were tested by objective questions are divided by the chapter in which each is found. You may transfer whatever you would like from the answers to the items listed below from tests or quizzes this Semester on to one 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper to use on the final. All of the items in the given chapters are fragments of the actual test questions. You are not allowed to use this sheet on the Final exam. Submit completed Study Guides to teacher for 2nd Quarter Extra Credit – must be 100%!
(6)Chapter 2: Persian Empire extended to its largest by what leader?

Israel’s King at the height of kingdom’s power?

Egyptian History began with what around 3100 BC?

Importance of the Phoenician alphabet?

What is the Code of Hammurabi?

Who is credited with the invention of cuneiform?

(9)Chapter 3: Force generated by a person’s actions determining how a person will be reborn in the next life?

Name for Hindu divine law?

Name for “union”?

What is the simple message that is the basis of Buddhism?

What was the trade route between the Roman Empire and China?

Name for the “Way”?

Who were the Indo-European nomadic peoples who created a new Indian society?

What did the Buddha believed caused human suffering?

What dynasty is considered to be the beginning of the Chinese civilization?

What invention in the Han period led to a major expansion of trade?

(12)Chapter 4: Name for a city-state?

Name for the “rule by a few”?

Athenian who ran from Marathon to Athens?

Wrote History of the Persian Wars, the first real history in Western civilization?

Said, “the unexamined life is not worth living”?

Results of Alexander the Great’s conquests?

Alexander’s Empire extended as far east as where?

According to the philosophy of Stoicism, how is happiness found?

By the mid-fifth century in Athens, what privilege was given to every male citizen?

What did the reforms of Cleisthenes lay the foundation for?

What has the word “Spartan” come to mean?

What did Stoicism teach?

(10)Chapter 5: What are examples of Roman engineering skills?

Who sacked Rome in 455?

Name of a head Roman official of a province?

Name of a dominant male head of a family?

Who was the founder of Christian communities in Asia Minor?

Who most influenced the early development of Rome?

Who was the Roman Empire’s first Christian emperor?

Under which emperor did Rome officially adopt Christianity?

What are the theories for the decline and fall of Rome?

What is the Latin name for the period of peace and prosperity that lasted almost 100 years?

(12)Chapter 6: Name for a tribal ruler?

What are the Five Pillars of Islam?

Name of Islamic rulers in Baghdad?

Name of the important city in Kaaba?

Name of Byzantine province conquered by Arabs?

Islamic belief, who is Muhammad?

Obeying Allah’s will means following what?

According to the Quran, what is a jihad?

What is The Arabian Nights?

Name for the Islamic law code?

Followers of the Arab Umayyads were called?

General Mu’awiyah was known for what outstanding virtue?

(10)Chapter 7: All members of a lineage group claimed descent from what?

What was the name given to people who believed they had the power to foretell events ?

What is the name for a group of independent villages organized by clans & led by a local clan head?

What leader spread Islamic culture to Mali?

Bantu communities were based on what economic system?

What does it mean if African societies were matrilineal?

What leader established Mali in the mid-thirteenth century?

Axum owes its prosperity to what geographical location?

Name the first great African trading state to emerge in the area south of the Sahara in West Africa.

What is the name for a special class of people who believed they had the power to foretell events, usually using the supernatural.

(9)Chapter 8: Name of sons of Genghis Khan dividing empire into separate territories?

What was a fine clay baked at high temperatures that was popular during the Tang era?

Name of people whose purpose was to protect security & property of their patrons?

Name for the “way of the warrior” which strictly governed behavior of the military class?

Title of a powerful military leader who exercised actual power ruling under the emperor’s name?

What is a chain of islands, along with its mainland region, called?

What does the word, kamikaze, mean and signifying what event?

In 1206, Temujin was elected as what title? He then devoted himself to conquest and establishing the Mongol Empire.

What philosophy was at the heart of the Chinese State government from the Song dynasty to the end of the dynasties in the 1900’s?
(10)Chapter 9: What is the code of honor guiding nobility called?

Name of the members of the heavily armored cavalry?

A series of Christian military expeditions to regain the Holy Land were called?

Name of grant of land made to a vassal where the vassal held political authority?

What are unwritten rules which determine the relationship between a lord and the vassal?

Title of amount paid by a wrongdoer to the family of an injured person?

What is the name for Charles the Great?

What is the name for the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church?

Who were the Germanic warriors from Scandinavia?

What is another name for the Eastern Roman Empire?

(10)Chapter 10: What was the most devastating natural disaster in European history?

Who gained new revenue by taxing the clergy?

Person famous for studying Bible knowledge with reason and experience?

Person who advanced the development of a strong French state?

What made French victory possible in the 100 years’ war?

Give the location of the first European University.

Title of poetry in the 12th century which was the most popular vernacular literature?

What influenced theology beginning in the 12th century?

What do you call the language of everyday speech in a particular region?

Who believed the favorite saints to command the assistance of freeing France?

(13)Chapter 12: What were the main principles proposed by Machiavelli in advising rulers and would-be rulers?

What ideas were stressed by humanistic educators in the Renaissance?

Painting done on fresh, wet plaster?

Political work’s title done by Machiavelli?

Key intellectual movement of the Renaissance?

Painter of the Sistine Chapel?

Who wrote The Divine Comedy?

One of the core beliefs of Calvinism?

On what important doctrines did John Calvin disagree with Martin Luther?

Who wrote the Ninety-Five Theses and what did they do?

What were important about the final decrees of the Council of Trent?

What did the Pope do to Martin Luther in 1521?

How did the Peace of Augsburg successfully end warfare in Germany?
(8)Chapter 13: What African society was changed from a brilliant society to a corrupt and brutal place by the slave trade?

Aztec rulers of Mexico fought against the forces of which Spanish warrior?

What was established by the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494?

What economic principles of mercantilism added to the prosperity of a European nation?

African slaves originally supplied a labor source for what industry in the Americas?

What European explorer died believing he had found a route to Asia when he had actually discovered the Americas?

Who were the “mainland states” of Southeast Asia?

Why did Europeans have less impact on the mainland states than the non-mainland (island) states?

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