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NAPOLEON Bonaparte: The Glory of France- DVD

NAME___Answer KEY______________
While viewing the documentary, answer the following questions:

  1. Who first gave Napoleon his sense of importance?

His mother.

  1. Why was Napoleon always an outsider at school?

As a Corsican, he was considered 2nd class and poor.

  1. What two subjects did Napoleon study in Paris?

Politics/ Philosophy or Biographies/ Military firepower, artillery

  1. Was Napoleon a courageous leader?

1793, yes, he led charges in the front of his troops- brigadier general at age 24

  1. Why did Josephine marry Napoleon?

She was an “older” widow, with children, and running out of options.

  1. In less than a year, Napoleon conquered __4__armies, each larger than his own, against all odds.

  2. What made Napoleon the laughingstock of Europe?

Admiral Nelson from Great Britain intercepted a letter from Napoleon to his brother which described his wife’s infidelities.

  1. Napoleon could play the “Prince of Peace”, but also be the God of __War.

  2. In 1804, Napoleon became _Emperor___ of France.

  3. What happened to his marriage in 1809?

He divorced Josephine because he wanted an heir.

  1. Who was the only person capable of stopping Napoleon?


  1. According to the video what was wrong with the Continental System?

Barred British ships from Europe, which affected the economy- people turned to smuggling. Portugal and Spain joined British resistance to lead troops against France in Spain.

  1. What catastrophic mistake did Napoleon make in 1812?

France invaded Russia, who let winter set in and 500,000 soldiers died, deserted or were captured of 600,000 total troops.

  1. Where was Napoleon exiled after he stepped down from power in 1814?

Elba Island in the Mediterranean Sea- 18 miles long 12 miles wide

  1. How did the people of France react when Napoleon returned?

They cheered, joined and welcomed him

  1. What happened when Napoleon himself faced the troops of Louis XVIII?

He stands in front of them unarmed and dares them to shoot their emperor- they don’t and join him.

  1. What prevented the French from catching and defeating the British army at Waterloo?

A terrible rain-storm came that brought mud.

  1. Who was the British military genius that was Napoleon’s match at Waterloo?

The Duke of Wellington

  1. Where was Napoleon banished to after he was defeated at Waterloo?

The island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic where he later died

  1. What did Napoleon himself say was his downfall?

Was his ambition to rule the world.
Rate the documentary from 1 - 10(1 = bad: 10= great) and explain your rating in 3-5 sentences. Use the back of this sheet if necessary.

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