World History 10 Name: Mr. Hannah February 12, 2007

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World History 10 Name:_____________________________

Mr. Hannah

February 12, 2007

Byzantine Empire Practice Test

Complete the following test tonight for 5 extra credit points. This will help to serve as a study guide for the test on Wednesday.

__B__ 1. What was Justinian’s Code based on?

A. English Law B. Roman Law

C. Ten Commandments D. Hammurabi’s Code

__A_ 2. Constantinople lies between which 2 seas?

  1. Aegean and Black

  2. Red and Black

  3. Aegean and Red

  4. North and Red

__D__ 3. What is the term given to someone who has been thrown out and banished from a church or religion?

A. Banishment B. Rejection

C. Lock out D. Excommunication

__B__ 4. What group gains control of the Eastern Orthodox Church after the Byzantine Empire collapses in 1453?

A. French

B. Eastern Slavs

C. Romans D. Ottoman Turks

__C__ 5. What was the important trade route that the Eastern Slavs lived along between the Black Sea and Baltic Sea?

A. Silk Road B. European Trade Exchange

C. Varangian Route D. Slavic Trade Route
__C__ 6. The Byzantine Empire stretched to its greatest size during the reign of which ruler?

  1. Constantine

  2. Diocletian

  3. Justinian

D. Basil

__A__ 13. What two previous cultures were combined in Byzantine culture?

  1. Greek and Roman

  2. Persian and Greek

  3. Egyptian and Persian

  4. Roman and Germanic

__D__ 14. Who was named the Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope showing the power of the Roman Catholic Church?

A. Vladimir B. Cyril

C. Constantine D. Charlemagne

__D__ 15. What religion was the Byzantine Empire founded upon?

  1. Islam

  2. Paganism

  3. Zoroastrianism

  4. Christianity

__A__ 16. Who is the leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church?

A. Patriarch B. Pope

C. Priest D. President

__C__ 17. Who is the emperor that orders all icons in churches within the Byzantine Empire to be removed and destroyed by his followers?

A. Emperor Vladimir B. St. Cyril

C. Emperor Leo III

D. Emperor Justinian

__C__ 18. The group of people that followed the emperors orders and destroyed icons are called:

  1. Holy rollers

  2. Mosaic mashers

  3. Iconoclasts

  4. Varangians

__C__ 7. Which of the following was NOT a reason for the Byzantine Empire’s location?

  1. It protected the eastern frontiers

  2. It was a crossroads of trade

  3. It was closer to Britain

  4. It was safe from Germanic invasions

__C__ 8. How many sides of Constantinople are surrounded by water?

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 3

  4. 4

__B__ 9. Which civilization attempted to attack Constantinople?

  1. Roman Empire

  2. Huns

  3. Visogoths

  4. Gauls

__D__ 10. Which of the following was NOT conquered by the Byzantines under Justinian?

  1. North Africa

  2. Spain

  3. Italy

  4. Britain

__C__ 11. What was the language the most people spoke in the Byzantine empire?

  1. Italian

  2. Latin

  3. Greek

  4. German

__C__ 12. Who moved the capital of the old Roman Empire to Byzantium to form the new Byzantine Empire?

A. Vladimir B. Cyril

C. Constantine D. Charlemagne

__B__ 19. What are the artworks made using pieces of tiles or glass to form an image?

A. Icons B. Mosaics

C. Sculptures D. Picturesques

__A__ 20. In 1054, which two churches divided in what is called “The Great Schism”?

  1. Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic

  2. Eastern Orthodox and Anglican

  3. Roman Catholic and Lutheran

  4. Lutheran and Anglican

__A__ 21. Which Russian leader converted to Christianity and established the Eastern Orthodox Church in Russia?

A. Vladimir B. Cyril

C. Constantine D. Charlemagne

__D__ 22. Which group finally conquered the Byzantine Empire?

  1. Huns

  2. Romans

  3. Russians

  4. Ottomans

__D__ 23. What is the most significant architectural symbol of the Byzantine Empire (which still stands today)?

  1. the Pantheon

  2. the Forum

  3. the City Wall

  4. the Hagia Sophia

__C__ 24. Who was Justinian’s influential wife?

  1. Alvin

  2. Simon

  3. Theodora

  4. Hillary

25. Who did the Byzantine’s feel the Emperor was in religious terms? CHRIST’S REPRESENTATIVE

27. State three differences between Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.

Roman Catholicism – In West

Centered in Rome

Priests were celibate

Latin used in services

Supported use of icons

Headed by Pope

Becomes Roman Catholic Church

Eastern Orthodox – In East

Centered in Constantinople

Priests could marry

Greek used in services

Forbid use of icons

Headed by Patriarch

Becomes Eastern Orthodox Church

Byzantine Empire Practice Test

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