World Civilization II hist 112-01 (9: 30-10: 45 tt) Spring 2006 Credit Hours: 3

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World Civilization II

HIST 112-01 (9:30-10:45 TT)

Spring 2006
Credit Hours: 3 Instructor: Dr. Brown

Office Hours: Office: Brown 214

8:30-10:30 Mon. & Wed. Phone: 342-1088

8:15-9:15 & 12:00-2:00 Tues. & Thurs. Email:

Course Description: Survey of World History since the seventeenth century.
Textbook and Other Materials Basic to the Course:
Adler & Pouwels, World Civilizations 4th ed.

Schedule of Topics & Exam Dates:
1. Introduction & Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment (Chap. 31)

2. Liberalism & Absolute Monarchy (Chap. 32)

3. French Revolution & Napoleon (Chap. 33)

4. Industrial Revolution (Chap. 34)

EXAM 1 (Feb. 7)
5. Ideologies (Chap. 35)

6. Nationalism (Chap. 36)

7. Imperialism & Africa (Chap. 38)

8. Industrialism (Chap. 40)

9. Darwinism (Chap. 41)

10. World War I (Chap. 42)

EXAM 2 (March 9)
11. Consequences of World War I (Chap. 43)

12. Soviet Union (Chap. 44)

13. Nazi Germany (Chap. 45)

14. China & Japan (Chap. 46)

15. World War II (Chap. 47)

EXAM 3 (April 4)
16. Cold War (Chap. 49)

17. Mao (Chap. 51)

18. Third World & Islamism (Chaps. 37, 50, 54)

FINAL EXAM—See Exam Schedule
Blackboard: Class announcements and lecture notes will be posted on blackboard. Though every effort will be made to adhere to the above schedule, the instructor reserves the right to change the above schedule; should changes be necessary, they will be posted on blackboard or notification of changes will be sent to the student in an email.
Email Sent to Student: In most cases, the instructor will send email to students’ tribe accounts. If you do not know how to access your tribe account, please contact the ULM helpdesk at 342-3333 or It is the student's responsibility to make sure that he/she is receiving email regarding the class.
Email Sent to Instructor: In order to answer email questions, all emails to the instructor should include the sender’s full name and course name, HIST 112-01.

I. Exams

Three exams and a final exam are scheduled; attendance on exam days is required. Exams will consist of multiple-choice questions and map questions. Each exam will each account for 22.5% of the student’s final course grade. Exams will not be given early. A student who misses an exam for a legitimate reason (such as college athletics, illness, family emergency, and learning disability) may take a make-up exam, held in accordance with the department’s make-up schedule and policy. Students who miss an exam and fail to provide a legitimate written excuse will receive a zero on the missed exam. The student is responsible for reporting missing an exam to the instructor immediately upon returning to class. The student also must provide a legitimate written excuse to the instructor in order to take a make-up exam. The make-up will be an essay exam and/or identification exam.

In addition to the three exams mentioned above, a final exam will be given at the day and time designated by the ULM final exam schedule,

Attendance at the final is required; both the final and the class are over once the last student who entered the final on-time completes his/her final exam. In rare cases, those students who miss the final due to a university sanctioned absence may, in extraordinary extreme circumstances and at the instructor's discretion, take a make-up, usually the following semester. Others who miss the final exam will receive a zero for the final.

II. Attendance and class participation

Regular class attendance is both encouraged and required. With regular class attendance and active participation in class, a student will earn a strong class participation grade. Class attendance/participation will count 10% of the final course grade. Any student missing more than 6 classes due to unexcused absences will not receive a participation grade. According to ULM policy, excused absences include the following absences: "1) absences arising from authorized trips away from the university or from special duties at the university, 2) absences arising from a student's confinement in a hospital or other in-patient facility," or "3) absences arising from a death in the immediate family." Generally speaking, work obligations do not count as excused absences. Be sure to submit excuses for absences within three days of returning to class. Excuses should include your full name, class name and section (HIST 112-01), and date of absence.

III. Cheating and Plagiarism: Any form of plagiarism or cheating may result in an “F” for the course. Read the ULM Undergraduate Catalog 2005-2006, pp. 63-64. If you have any questions concerning plagiarism or cheating, please let me know PRIOR to taking your first exam.

IV. Grading scale:

A=100-90, B=89-80, C=79-70, D=69-60, F=59 & below

V. Disabled Students: Students declared by licensed medical authority to have a learning or other disability will be helped in a reasonable manner. The disabled student has the responsibly to alert the instructor that he/she has a disability and provide him with the appropriate documentation from the university’s Counseling Center, 342-5220.

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