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On delusions by VSR

In the newspaper of VSR -"Working Class", the idea is the need to free the CPU from the P. Simonenko group. But is the case to do with this group? No, of course not. The whole issue is to do with the petty-bourgeois nature of the CPU, originally created as a non-revolutionary party of a parliamentary type. This is evidenced by policy documents, the CPU, which recognizes the mixed economy, equality of all forms of property, i.e. recognizes private property, which is the economic basis of exploitation of man by man, no question about the revolutionary overthrow of bourgeois power and the destruction, of the modern Ukrainian bourgeois state, on the ruins of which must be built (or rather, restored), the proletarian state (the dictatorship of the proletariat). So, on the contrary, the CPU supports the strengthening of the modern Ukrainian bourgeois state, as is clearly evidenced by the above-cited article by P. Symonenko on state capitalism; the CPU represented by P. Simonenko and its governing bodies increasingly flirts with religion which is the spiritual pillar of the bourgeoisie in order to ensure obedience of the workers, and working people of Ukraine and the perpetuation of their economic, social and spiritual slavery (all power from God, live decently, humbly, in good faith, be patient -- "God is patient we are told, and you will get to heaven. But the bourgeoisie also provides itself with a paradise in this life on earth, and the working people, with the help of religion promises paradise in the next world after death, when they are buried in the ground. And they are helped by the spiritual religious brainwashing of the CPU); recognition of the decisions of the 20th Congress of the CPSU, Khrushchev's anti-Stalinism and his environment which was the beginning of the degeneration of Lenin's Bolshevik Party and the foundation for the cultivation in the ranks of the CPSU of counterrevolutionary treachery of the Gorbachev administration, etc.

In this light, we, the Bolsheviks, see the article by L.I. Grach, head of the organization of the Crimean Communist Party of Ukraine "On the political strategy of the Communist Party of Ukraine", published in "Working Class” 11 (450), March 2009. It should be noted that L. Grach, is a more rightist opportunist than P. Simonenko. In his article, you will not find a single word about the preparatory work for the working class and working people in the revolutionary overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, not a word about the need for destruction of private property. At the same time, Grach replied disdainfully of a "Brief History of the AUCP (b): "Representatives of the older generation of today's party studied the Marxist-Leninist method of various "Brief histories" and deliberately avoided the most pressing challenges of our time." Such neglect and such slander in relation to the outstanding work of Marxism-Leninism I have never ever encountered in the pages of the Communist press.
The “Brief History" is accessible and comprehensible to the broad masses of readers and described the heroic history of Lenin's Bolshevik Party - the vanguard of the proletariat, the toiling masses, and shows the stages of establishing the Party, its activities in the years of Tsarist reaction, the heroic struggle of the party during the first Russian Revolution, during the first World War II, the preparation of the party and the working class to the implementation of the victorious Great October Socialist Revolution, the party's activities during the period of foreign military intervention and civil war, the party's activities during the years of peaceful socialist construction, which was implemented the country's industrialization, collectivization of agriculture, achieved victory in socialist construction mid 30-ies, etc., etc. And "Brief History" does not avoid any sharp corners and anything obscured. On the contrary, in this work shows that the entire Bolshevik activities carried out in conditions of unprecedented harassment and persecution of the Bolsheviks by the tsarist government. That the Bolsheviks had to wage an uncompromising ideological and organizational struggle against the Mensheviks, SRs, Trotskyites, left and right deviations in our party. It only hardened the ideological and organizational strengthened Leninist-Stalinist Bolshevik Party, and to ensure, under its leadership, the victory of the working class, people of all nationalities of the multinational Soviet Union over its class enemies on all fronts, ensured that the USSR is the second power in the world in economic potential, and laid the foundation for the subsequent victory over fascism.
The “Brief History" published outstanding work by J.V. Stalin, “On Dialectical and Historical Materialism", in which he skillfully presents in accessible form the basis of dialectical and historical materialism, constituting "the theoretical foundation of communism, the theoretical foundations of a Marxist party "(" Brief History”, Gospolitizdat, 1945, p. 99) .
"Brief History" is an excellent methodological tool for anyone who wants to get acquainted with the heroic history of our party. It provides a concise analysis of major works by V.I. Lenin: "What is to be done?" which outlines the ideological foundations of a Marxist party, "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back", where are given the organisational framework of a Marxist party, "Two Tactics of Social Democracy in the socialist revolution" - sets out the tactical foundations of a Marxist party; " Materialism and Empiro Criticism "- gives the theoretical foundations of a Marxist party.
Without knowledge of the "Brief History" one cannot become a true communist, Bolshevik revolutionary. Grach so disparagingly talks about the "Brief History" because anyone who reads it carefully, understands the opportunistic nature of Grach, who is extremely uncomfortable about critique revealing the rightist (in this case) opportunism, whose representative is still a highly respected gentleman.
This passage by Grach is nothing other than an attempt to alienate modern readers, especially young people from the study of revolutionary principles and origins of our party, without which there can be no talk of a conscious revolutionary struggle.
But Mr. Grach need not worry. Books do not burn. No matter how the Nazis attempted to destroy the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, burning them publicly at the stake, however and Khrushchev tried to destroy the works of IV Stalin, including "Brief History", they have all survived and continue to work towards the impending socialist revolution. To summarize this issue, we can say that Comrade Bondarchuk, assisted by VSR will be the true leaders of the labor movement, when they fully and irrevocably break with opportunism and the CPU and go along Bolshevik lines of struggle.

On the presidential elections in Ukraine.

On 17 January 2010 elections will be held for president of Ukraine.

Yushchenko, Tymoshenko, V. Yanukovych are completely discredited in the eyes of workers as representatives of the three factions of big business whose concerns about working people are often only in words but in deeds they faithfully serve their faction of the bourgeoisie.
The current world economic and financial crisis, moreover, has highlighted all the mediocrity and irresponsibility of the Orange faction of the bourgeoisie Yushchenko-Tymoshenko, when the economic indicators of Ukraine dropped to the level of early 2005, by two quarters alone (4 th 2008 and 1 st 2009), allowing the collapse of GDP by 22.9%, which is the largest fall in the world and surpassing the record decline recorded in the Ukraine in 1994. Even if in the second half, the economy stabilizes (which is unlikely), then the value of GDP by end of the year will be no more than 68% from 1990 levels.

Yushchenko, who promised in his election program of 10 steps to meet people, has not comply with any of the pre-election promises, and just the opposite, removing power from the people, and opposing power to the people of Ukraine. What the orange president did do successfully, is pump up nationalist hysteria, himself a son of a traitor and a traitor at heart, but made heros of Ukraine out of such criminals, traitors and executioners of the people of Ukraine as Mazepa, Bandera, Shukhevych and others of their ilk. Yushchenko did everything for gaining Judas U.S. dollars, with which he was elevated to the presidential throne, in order to set against each other the two brotherly peoples, Ukrainian and Russian among themselves, and many have succeeded in this way thereby extremely aggravating the Ukraine-Russia relations.

It is an even matchbetween him and Yulia Timoshenko, who as head of government, under all sorts of populist promises, led the economy of Ukraine to complete collapse. And although now both of these politicians have broken relations among themselves and to publicly attempt to shift responsibility to each other in a catastrophic situation, we all understand that they are both equally guilty and equally responsible for what happened in the country. V. Yanukovych, as the representative of major oligarchic capital, primarily the industrial regions of Eastern Ukraine, with his inconsistent and unsustainable policies, as head of government and being present in the parliamentary opposition, showed that workers' interests in Ukraine to him and his political power are alien just like the representatives of the orange camp. All of the inconsistency and instability of the political line of Yanukovych is due to the following reasons: the desire to preserve the stolen capital of the oligarchs in the first period after the coming to power of the Orange faction of the bourgeoisie, then, he became head of the government, striving to restore the dominance of the white and blue of the oligarchs, and now, a time of crisis, the desire to avoid a sharp decline in the wealth of white and blue and, using the extremely negative current economic indicators, to blame Yushchenko and Tymoshenko, and, on this background to increase his rating.
In order to prevent the weakening of his influence in Ukraine, the overseas puppeteers are looking to replace Yushchenko's with Yatsenyuk, investing in this project a lot of money. There is no doubt that if Yatsenyuk will somehow win, anti-Russian, anti-national pro-Western Yushchenko nationalist policies will continue.
On the role of the CPU and personally P. Symonenko we mentioned above. I do not need to explain that neither him nor N. Vitrenko will become presidents of Ukraine. They are, as political representatives of the petty and middle bourgeoisie, will simply not be allowed onto this top post by the major bourgeoisie.
In Ukraine, the undivided power of big capital has been established. Only its representatives in the top ranks are changing.
For workers in Ukraine, it should be obvious that the forthcoming presidential elections have nothing to do with us workers.
V.I. Lenin taught us, the Bolsheviks, that in times of recovery of the workers’ movement, one must not sow among the working class electoral illusions, but to direct the movement towards overthrowing the power of the bourgeoisie and the establishment of government of workers and the working masses.
Of course, the labor movement in Ukraine is only making its first steps. The working class is only trying to stand on its feet and to timidly assert their basic human rights: the right to work, the timely payment of salaries and repayment of wage arrears over so many months. All these economic demands do not exceed the bounds of the bourgeois Constitution and bourgeois law.
Our duty, the duty of the Bolsheviks – is to support the unfolding workers’ movement.

- To work in the workers’, protest movement of working people, to participate actively in the struggle of work collectives for their rights;
- To carry out this work, if possible, in conjunction with organizations of VSR, as well as with local organizations, the CPU, PSPU, other parties and organizations of the left direction, which are involved in the struggle of workers and do not try to reduce it only to the requests and petitions to higher authorities and local power;
- During the ongoing economic struggle, support fully the just demands of the workers and to strive to form Bolshevik class-consciousness in the ranks of the fighters, telling them that addressing issues of employment, the timely and full payment of wages, decent levels of salaries for the needs of modern man and his family, scholarships, pensions and other social payments, lower prices and tariffs, the normal housing conditions, etc. etc., can only be done by destroying the power of capital and restoring the power of human labor - Soviet power. Without the transition from economic to political struggle, the higher phase of which is the socialist revolution, this will be impossible;
- To prepare the working class, the working masses for socialist revolution;
- Participating in the workers' struggle for their rights, not only teach them the class character of this struggle, but also by learning from those who are fighting, gaining and accumulating the necessary experience.

Prepare the working class, working masses for a socialist revolution!






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