Winterbourne St Michael’s Church of England School Founded 1813 Headmaster’s Log Book 1933-1952

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Mr Wolmar, Superintendant Downend Homes, called to make arrangements re the visit of Princess Margaret to the homes. Arrangements are being made to take the children down to Downend for this affair, and a day’s holiday has been granted by the LEA.

28.3.1949 All the children visited the Crescent, Downend, to see Princess Margaret. Three coaches had been hired for the occasion. All the children had a close up view of the Princess on several occasions during her tour of the Homes. This was a thrilling experience for all (particularly when the stand used for our children collapsed – none hurt). The weather was brilliant. The coaches cost £5/2/0 and the children paid 1/- per head giving a profit of 18/- for the School fund. (3/- tip to drivers).

9.4.1949 County Council Elections in School.

8.4.1949 School soccer team walloped Whiteshill 5 goals to nil today.

11.4.1949 Return match with Whiteshill – win 3-1.

12.4.1949 Football Frampton Cotterell – win 2-1.

13.4.1949 Easter Holiday – closed at 3-45.

25.4.1949 Visited C Architects Dept, Shire Hall, with reference to plan of Improvements.

27.4.1949 C Architect’s Assistant here today for some hours.

2.5.1949 School re-opened. Admitted 3. Number on Roll 133.

9.5.1949 School closed for RDC and PC elections.

10.5.1949 Re-count of votes in the School this pm.

12.5.1949 Cesspits and sceptic tanks emptied today by vacuum suction.

Mrs Squires, school dentist, here today – general inspection and treatment – state of children’s teeth is bad and treatment will take a week.

16.5.1949 All blackboards re-blacked and lined.

19.5.1949 Sent £2/12/6 to C Treasurer from Winterbourne AFC for use of Porch and Boiler for changing purposes (15 x 3/6).

Dentist is still here – this is the sixth day of her visit.! ! ! !

20.5.1949 Dentist finished today. (7 days)

24.5.1949 EMPIRE DAY.

26.5.1949 Ascension Day. All the children attended a service at St Michael’s Room this morning. Buns were distributed after the service to the children in accordance with tradition. (Headmaster had two)!!

27.5.1949 Mrs Ray, who has been on Supply here since January 1946, leaves today to make way for Mr JJ Hutchings, an “emergency” trained student from Burderof TC. An interesting and unorthodox leave taking was made by the staff to Mrs Ray in the privacy of Room D (by the staff).

30.5.1949 Mr JJ Hutchings commenced duty as an assistant master in charge of Class C.

Head Inspection today.

3.6.1949 Mr Reed returns today (1 day per week).

School closed today for Whitsun.

13.6.1949 School re-opened. Quantity Surveyor is here today.

20.6.1949 School Outing. 8 coaches took all the children, some 30 old scholars, parents and friends to Weston. All the children travelled free, as a result of the sale of work and exhibition last December. Excellent weather, tide in at 2.30 – arrived home 9pm.

NB – Order coaches for 8.45 for a 9am start.

21.6.1949 Mrs Thornton absent. Mrs Ray sent for.

Mrs Thornton will not be back until after the Summer Holidays. Mrs Ray can remain here except for the last week of the term; it is hoped that Mr Reed will be available for this week.

Dr Hignell begins routine Inspection.

24.6.1949 Dr Hignell continues routine Inspection.

28.6.1949 Dr Hignell continues routine Inspection.

12.7.1949 A lot of children absent, Chapel Outing to Weston-super-Mare.

Final plans for improvements and alterations to the sanitary arrangements have been received. Tenders for the work have been invited.

20.7.1949 Christabel Hacker has won a scholarship at Chipping Sodbury Grammar School.

25.7.1949 Mrs Ray – Supply – having left on Friday, makes one short on the staff for the remainder of the term.

29.7.1949 School closes for the Summer Holidays. Praise be - !

2.9.1949 School re-opened. Mrs Thornton is still absent from duty. Mrs Ray has come in again on supply duty.

8.9.1949 Miss Gibson (PE) called this morning.

Managers meeting this evening. Football league for the schools of this neighbourhood has been started by Mr Hutchings.

15.9.1949 Mrs Thornton still unable to return.

3.10.1949 Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] absent from duty today – ill.

4.10.1949 Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] comes into School periodically.

5.10.1949 Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] more or less recovered.

10.10.1949 Mrs Thornton returns to duty.

WORK on alterations to sanitary offices and playground has BEGUN (4 years in preparation). Messrs Hembrough are the contractors.

Mr Huddlestone – CA’s Dept – called today.

11.10,1949 School to re-open at 1.15.each day while builders are here.

17.10.1949 Elsan closets received for use as temporary lavatories for boys.

21.10.1949 A very wet week – almost continual rain – nearly 100 taking meals per day and the problem of supervising that number of children during “wet dinnertimes” in the classrooms where they have had their meal on sloping desks is increasingly difficult. A letter urging LEA to consider the provision of a dining hall has again been sent.

28.10.1949 Closed for half term.

7.11.1949 School re-opened. Miss Harris has handed in her resignation. Mr Huddlestone called today.

Canteen Supervisor advertised for.

10.11.1949 It is expected that the County Canteen Supervisor will be here any today [?]. Mr Hutchings and Alfred C Dunn have drawn up plans for the erection of a dining room by making use of the present kitchen the suggested dining hall would seat approx 100 children. These plans will be submitted to the County Organiser with an urgent request to do something about it.

17.11.1949 Mrs O Manning, meal attendant, was made meal supervisor at a managers’ meeting held this evening. The managers granted a day’s holiday on 2 December, the day before the Annual Exhibition and Sale.

24.11.1949 Mrs Goodfield & Mrs Williams were appointed meals attendants today.

2.12.1949 School closed.

3.12.1949 Fifth Exhibition and Sale held today. In spite of inclement weather a record profit was made – approx £50. this sum is to be used for the purchase of a film strip projector and to finance a summer outing and a Christmas Party.

2.12.1949 Miss Andrews, County Canteen Organiser, and assistant Mrs Windyatt, called today with reference to the proposed alterations to the kitchen – very pleasant!!

13.12.1949 Film Strip Projector and screen have arrived – make Aldis – very satisfactory. Total cost approx £28. Film strips, including “The Christmas Story”, in colour, have been ordered.

Application for an extra teacher has been made. (male).

19.12.1949 William Vardy broke his arm during PT this morning. Mr Hutchings was in charge of the lesson and it was well under control. The boy received first aid treatment and was taken to Southmead Hospital by ambulance in the company of Mr Hutchings. The Headmaster[ Alfred C Dunn] informed Mrs Vardy of the accident.

20.12.1949 Infants Party – father Christmas Miss Harris called away suddenly owing to serious illness at home.

21.12.1949 The appointment of an extra teacher has been granted – praise be –

22.12.1949 Christmas Holiday and Christmas Party. Teaparty for classes A,B & C.


9.1.1950 School re-opened. No Infants Teacher. Mrs Ray has arrived for Supply duty. There are 141 on roll.

The alterations are proceeding, but oh! how slowly.

10.1.1950 Headmaster used film strip\projector for classes B & C today – “The Littlest Camel”.

12.1.1950 Mr Hutchings uses Projector for C & D Classes – Simple Tales” – result, good.

17.1.1950 Stove in Class C gave a lot of trouble today.

18.11.1950 Stove in Class C gave a lot more trouble today. Had to be removed into playground until a plumber could come and put matters right.

24.1.1950 Very hard frost but attendance is not affected. The combustion stove in each room gives sufficient heat if well cleared out once a day. Miss Gibson, assistant PE organiser, called and took away 24 hockey sticks, also 1 leather and 1 composition ball, ON LOAN to Hawkesbury Upton, where there is said to be no sports apparatus. Miss Gibson brought a new Football case and case.

31.1.1950 Managers meeting at the Rectory. Mr W Perkins appointed as from 1 March.

3/4.2.1950 All stoves swept – windows and ventilator cords overhauled. SOS to Gloucester for Coke.

4.2.1950 4 stretcher beds, 4 blankets received from Gloucester. These had not been ordered and only 4 of the 12 of each were accepted and signed for.

7.2.1950 Major Chapman, NSPCA, talked to the children about Kindness to animals – very good.

Mrs Manning, Canteen supervisory assistant absent today. Mrs F Williams, meal attendant, absent yesterday and today.

8.2.1950 Letter of thanks from Major Chapman RSPCA. A number of children are subscribing to the Society.

10.2.1950 Promised delivery of coke not taken place, further SOS.

Film strips ordered – Cartoon FS Coy. Plans have been made for an educational journey to London in June. The Wollen twins are in charge of an outing fund started this week.

15.2.1950 Returned to School. Still no coke – Lowell Baldwins are to blame and have been informed that some fuel must be delivered today or LEA will be informed.

Mrs Manning and Mrs Williams still absent. Two screens received.

16.2.1950 5 cwt coke delivered.

17.2.1950 Ballot screens received (3) for general election. Received 4 film strips for use with classes C & D.

1.3.1950 Mr WJ Perkins takes up duties today as an extra assistant master. There are 143 children in the School with five staff including Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn].

3.3.1950 Mrs Thornton has taken the scholarship group children to Bristol on an educational tour and also to see Princess Elizabeth who is visiting Bristol today.

Mr Walter Jones, late Headmaster of this School, called this morning.

14.3.1950 Mr Perkins has not reported for duty this morning.

16.3.1950 Frank Lowe, who left this School some 3 years ago, came in today and he gave the seniors and myself [Alfred C Dunn] a most interesting account of his life as a merchant seaman; blank maps were filled in etc, etc. Frank was entertained to lunch.

Mr Perkins returns to duty.

17.3.1950 Mrs Thornton absent – phone message last evening.

20.3.1950 ½ ton firewood delivered from Jennings Surplus Coy. £3/10/0.

Mrs Thornton returns.

21/22.3.1950 Scholarship examination.

23.5.1950 Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] absent with permission from 11.30 to 2.30.

5.4.1950 Closed for Easter.

24.4.1950 Re-open. Structural alterations to the canteen wash-up have been made but not completed.

25.4.1950 Telephoned County Architect about installation of Electric water heater – permission granted to instruct RH Drew of Frampton to carry out the necessary work.

26.4.1950 Glass being fitted today where required.

Electric water heater for kitchen wash-up has arrived (20 gallons).

28.4.1950 Managers Meeting this evening at the Rectory. Mrs Gale of Frenchay (teaching at Alveston at present) was appointed infants mistress as from 1 September.

The new offices are not ready for use. The Headmaster has told the builders that he intends to allow children to use the offices for WC purposes on Monday by putting the Elsan buckets in the cubicles.

3.5.1950 A Class – visit to the Brick Works. Left School at 9-45, returned at noon.

5.5.1950 Roy Wollen broke his leg on the cricket field this afternoon. Mr Perkins was in charge of the cricket practices. The appropriate action was taken with regard to first aid, summoning the ambulance, etc.

19.5.1950 Mr Perkins absent (1 day).

Very cold today; all fires lit. Mr Perkins returns. Electric water heater in use; very satisfactory.

Slight altercation with the electricians with reference to the fixing of a ‘stay’ in the middle of the Headmaster’s potatoes.

26.5.1950 Whitsun Holiday.

5.6.1950 Return to School. Alterations still not completed (8 month - ! ! ! ! !)

7.6.1950 Headmaster and staff took all the senior children to London. A most successful day in every respect. Left Winterbourne station 9.5 arrived Paddington 11.10; return journey 6.25 – 8.25. two of the staff missed the homecoming train!! (Coach hired for day)

The itinerary included extended visits to Tower, St Paul’s, Buckingham Palace, Palace of West Minster, where the party was fortunate enough to see Mr Atlee. Other places of interest were visited and a high tea was enjoyed at Lyons Corner House, Coventry St.

For reference, the children began their own outing fund in February of this year, appointing the Wollen twins as co-treasurers. Each child was urged to save a maximum of 14 shillings, which covered rail fare, coach fare and some spending money. The School fund paid for the High Tea, part of the cost of the coach and for refreshments on the train. --- A MEMORABLE DAY ---

20.6.1950 Mrs ET Bromell nee Gale called this afternoon; she was a teacher in this school in 1900. Mrs Bromell told us that her grandmother and Thomas Hardy’s mother were sisters. Signed Eleanor Tryphena Bromell, Forder Farm, Throwleigh, Okehampton.

Ref (Suns of the Morning by Eden Philpotts.)

28.6.1950 School party visited the 200 today. The party included all those children who did not go to London. The children paid 2/6 each (brought in small amounts over a period of four months) and this sum paid for coach fare and part payment for tea.

Received School record cards.

29.6.1950 Headmaster absent to attend an interview with eye specialist in Bristol. (Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] suffers from heterochromic cyclitis). Left 9.45am returned 12 noon.

3.7.1950 Mr AD Thorne, a student from St Luke’s College Exeter, has arrived for 3 weeks teaching practice and observation.

19.7.1950 Mr Thorne has finished his TP.

20, 21 & 22.7.1950 Refresher course at Bristol University. The Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn], Mr Hutchings and Mrs Thornton attended. The School was closed.

28.7.1950 School closed for summer holiday.

4.9.1950 School re-opened as a junior school. 35 children of 11+ have been transferred to staple Hill Secondary Modern School. There were 9 entrants today – roll 120.

The builders have not yet finished here. The playground is being re-laid, etc – and the chaos and confusion in consequence has not lessened. This programme of alteration has bee in operation for nearly a year! ! ! !

The canteen wash-up has been decorated. The outside decoration of the School has been done – doors - tudor green windows – guttering and pipes – light battleship grey.

Mrs Gale commenced duty as infants teacher today.

8.9.1950 the playground is finished. Preparations today for the Children’s Sports on the Rectory lawns tomorrow. PCC have been allocated £5 to be used as prize money for the sports.

11.9.1950 Electricians here again, to fix the pump in the filter bed. This pump is automatically controlled by the effluent level.

Coke arrived – put in one of the new cycle sheds.

12.9.1950 Gazette reporter called today and took particulars of the School, its history, new buildings etc, for an article in the periodical.

13.9.1950 Evening Post reporter called.

18.9.1950 1 ton coal arrived.

19.9.1950 Gazette photographer here today. He and the Headmaster clambered about on the walls and roofs of the outhouses to obtain a suitable photograph for publication.

Telephoned Hembroughs builder about faulty locks, and Hunts decorators about broken tiles. Hunts agreed to replace tiles.

The number on the roll is 122. in july 37 children left here, 36 to Staple Hill Mod Secondary School and 1 to Sodbury GS.

Number on roll July - 148. Number left July – 37. = 111. New entrants – 11. Total 122.

Staff: Head, Alfred C Dunn, Mrs Thornton, Mr Hutchings, Mr Perkins, Mrs Gale.

Kitchen staff: Mrs Harrison, Mrs Williams, Mrs Goodfield. Approximately 80 having meals.

Canteen supervisor: Mrs Manning.

The School Managers are: Canon SR Worters, chairman, Messrs Ludwell, Chappell, Cane, Anstey, Rogers.

Mr H Rogers is a member of the County Council and a member of the Education Committee.

27.9.1950 Mr Grier, HMI, called. He remained for an hour and discussed “School Life” in general, with the Headmaster.

28.9.1950 Discussed with Miss Bishop the new instructions and duties for the caretaker as proved by Gloucestershire Ed Com. It was pointed out that unless these new instructions were adhered to, the managers could not recommend the proposed rise in salary from £72 to £86 per year.

3.10.1950 A meeting of parents and teachers was held in the School last evening. Canon SR Worters took the chair. It was decided to start a Parents and Teachers Association. The head teacher was elected chairman; Mrs Thorton (staff) Treasurer, Mr Wilshaw secretary and four parents as members of the committee with power to co-opt 4 more.

Mr Wall, Headmaster of Slimbridge junior mixed, called today.

9.10.1950 Caps Berets and Badges are being issued today; the School colours are royal blue and golden yellow – great excitement.

19.10.1950 12 tables and 24 tables for the infants room have arrived (NEW ! ! !)

26.10.1950 Managers Meeting. Miss Bishop’s salary proposed increase from £72 to £86 approved. Managers agreed to closure of School on Friday pm 10 November to enable staff and teachers to prepare the School for Sale & Exhibition to be held on the next day.

27.10.1950 School medical inspection – a very wet day – the usual chaos.

Headmaster has written to County MO to the effect that it would be easier to examine all children than to meddle with umpteen age groups, specials, re-inspections, etc, etc ad infinitum. Also to the effect that SMOs and their assistants should be equipped with towels, soap, bowls, antiseptic lotions, etc. it seems as though the School in general must be prepared for all kinds of pettifogging demands when the SMO arrives. The Headmaster of this School objects most strongly to the whole procedure of an inspection. Co-operation in thee matters is possible but only if the medical profession “respects” the teaching profession and treats it as it would be treated. School closes for 1 week holiday.

6.11.1950 School re-opened. Headmaster’s [Alfred C Dunn] health and temper much improved.

During the holiday the Headmaster spent three days in London, which included a visit to the Visitor’s Gallery of the new House of Commons (in Session).

8.11.1950 Mr Williamson, HMI, called, from 10am to 1.30pm.

9.11.1950 Doctor here again today. Room C has had to be turned out 3 times for this medical inspection. It will be suggested to the SMO that much inconvenience could be saved by giving the assistant SMO consecutive days at the annual inspection.

10.11.1950 School closed for afternoon to enable preparations for the Annual Sale and Exhibition.

11.11.1950 6th Annual Swale & Exhibition. Approx £40 profit – a great success in every way.

20.11.1950 Mr Perkins absent.

21 & 22.11.1950 Headmaster absent with flu, also sceptic right arm.

23 & 24.11.1950 Headmaster comes into School occasionally.

27.11.1950 Mr Perkins returns.

Headmaster has to attend Hambrook surgery for treatment each morning.

Parents & Teachers Assn meeting this evening. Dr O’Leader Sullivan, speaker.

4.12.1950 The children’s Theatre Coy visited by arrangement. The older children from Winterbourne Down came to see the first part of the programme “Dr Dolittle’s Voyage”. “The Pied Piper” was put bon for the younger children and quite a number joined in the play as rats, townsfolk, etc.

5.12.1950 Mr Perkins absent.

Mr Perkins returns to duty.

Frank Lowe, an old scholar, has visited the School again – he has returned from a second round the world trip – and he has given Class A a most interesting account of the things seen and done with particular reference to the cargo carried. It is hoped that the Cunard Line (owners of the Port Petrie) will be able to supply us with details of the construction of this vessel (built in 1946).

15.12.1950 Heavy fall of snow.

18.12.1950 More snow – attendance affected.

18.12.1950 Mr M Perkins absent again. Attending interview for AEC.

19.12.1950 Mr M Perkins returns to duty.

21.12.1950 School finishes today for Christmas. A party was given for all the children with film entertainment afterwards – a great success.


8.1.1851 School re-opened – good attendance – rotten weather – more rain!

12.1.1951 Mr Perkins absent (with permission) to keep an appointment at Barrow Gurney Hospital (nerve specialists). Mr Perkins returned to School at 2-30pm.

17.1.1951 Messrs Gegg & Horsefield, lecturers from Redland Training College, called to make arrangements for students teaching practice in April. 30 boxes of kindling wood delivered.

19.1.1951 A lot of children absent with colds and mild flu. 67%.

22.1.1951 Mr Perkins absent.

23.1.1951 Mr M Perkins returns.

24.1.1951 Mr Perkins absent.

Mrs O Mannings absent – ill – all the week. Med Cert sent to Glos.

Mr Perkins has not returned this week, nor sent in a Med Cert.

The flu epidemic continues – about 50 children absent. The staff, (except Perkins) has remained fit and free from flu while schools in the neighbourhood have had to close because of staff absence.

4 boxes of library books received – an excellent selection for junior children; the selection for adult is poor.

Staff consultation as to possibility of Classes A & C changing rooms. It was agreed to effect this at half term.

The County Architect’s representative has called to discuss the removal of screen in main room to such a position that the room will be divided into two equal parts instead of as at present in the ratio of 4 bays to 2 bays. It is hoped that the job will be done at Easter.

29.1.1951 Attendance better. Mr Perkins and Mrs Manning still absent – no message has been received from Mr Perkins.

30.1.1951 Mr M Perkins returns to duty – doctor’s cert sent to Glos.

Four low benches have been constructed for playground use – from timber dismantled from old desks.

1.2.1951 Managers Meeting last evening – the main business concerned the redundancy of Mr Perkins’. The Managers agreed to the request of the LEA that Mr Perkins be released at half-term.

5.2.1951 Mr Gardiner, personnel officer from LEA, called.

8.2.1951 Classes A & C have changed rooms so that Class C will have more room. Headmaster made and fixed a wall-board in Class C room using timber from an easel. (satisfactory)

9-14.2.1951 Half Term.

13.2.1951 Mrs O Manning, canteen supervisor, returns to duty. Mrs Williams, meals attendant, is absent (telephone message).

19.2.1951 Mrs Williams returns.

Parents and teachers association meeting tonight. Mr Kidd, Headmaster of Staple Hill Modern Secondary School for boys - speaker.

Arrangements for trip to London for the Festival of Britain.

21.2.1951 A day of visitors.

1. Miss Barr, canteen organiser, arrived at 11-45 and remained until 1-30.

2. Mr VH Austin, Education Engineer, BBC, arrived at 2-30 and tested the radio receiver and gave a great deal of useful information.

3. Mr E Perrin, Coalpit Heath Cooking Depot, called at 3-30 and stayed too long.

Boys sprayed Sweet Williams today with Lime Sulphur solution as recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture.

22.2.1951 Diane Ray sustained a cut underneath her chin as a result of a fall from the climbing apparatus during routine PE lesson. The lesson was taken by Mr Hutchings, who had adequate control of the lesson. The doctor put in one stitch and the Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] took the child home at 1-30pm and explained to the mother what had happened.

28.2.1951 Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] left School for Bristol to cash salaries for canteen staff and School cleaner – visit postponed until next day – “Roveritis”.

8.3.1951 Mr Green, school garden instructor, called – first time for three years.

13 & 14.3.1951 Scholarship Examination.

16.3.1951 Mr Perkins absent for the purpose of attending an interview for another post.

21.3.1951 School closes for Easter Holiday.

9.4.1951 School re-opened. Mr Perkins leaves today for another appointment. Screen has been moved.

10.4.1951 Mrs Gale has gone into Frenchay Hospital for an operation. Mrs Ray has come in on supply.

11.4.1951 - Fine day - ! !

12.4.1951 - Rain –

18.4.1951 Headmaster [Alfred C Dunn] has “parson’s throat” – class A take instructions by “tic tac” and other improvised means.

Fine day – class A on the garden.

23.4.1951 Miss Holkham and Miss Milne, students from Redland Training College, start 3 weeks School practice.

1.5.1951 Mr Grier, HMI, and Mr T Gegg, Redland Training College, visited for the students.

3.5.1951 Ascension Day – service in church followed by the annual bun ceremony. School closed for the day.

4.5.1951 40 boxes of wood have arrived.

7.5.1951 Managers Meeting.

8.5.1951 A piano for the infants dept has arrived.

10.5.1951 - weather still cold – all fires have been in use this week.

- arrangements are being made for some 30 parents of the Parent Teachers’ Association to visit the BBC West Region ballroom studio for a ‘live’ broadcast on Tuesday next.

The Union Jack has been flying all this week in recognition of the opening of the Festiuval of Britain.

Mrs Gale is making good progress. [Refer to 10.4.1951]

11.5.1951 School closes for Whitsun.

21.5.1951 School re-opened. Headmaster attended meeting of Head Teachers at Thornbury Grammar School, to discuss “holidays” – (evenings) – results few, dignified Head Teachers many!!

22.5.1951 Refer 8.5.1951. The piano has been given by Headmaster’s relative and it is now part of School property.

23.5.1951 A pair of blackbirds has nested on a ledge just inside the garden shed door.

School photographs have been received, also a film strip of School activities.

24.5.1951 Empire Day – classes A & B joined in the broadcast service and afterwards the Union Jack was raised.

12.6.1951 The blackbirds’ nest with a few young ones has been forsaken – it is believed that the cock-bird has been killed. There are at least a dozen house martins nests under the eaves of the School in various stages of construction and reconstruction.

18.6.1951 The following 8 pictures have been purchased and hung in the School. The total cost id about £22 and the money was provided by the School fund. (£10 grant from LEA)

Little Fawn - Billie Waters White Doe - Billie Waters

The Lotus Pool - Billie Waters Magnolias - S Spencer

Winter Landscape - D Grant Valley Farm - Cooper

Sussex Cornfield - John Nash Boats at Anchor - Sargent

The prints were purchased form “School Prints Ltd”, Belgrave Sq, London SW1. The framing was done by Bailey Bros of Winterbourne and the wood they used was taken from old-oak School-desks.

Received 102 tickets (entrance) for the South Bank Exhibition.

2.6.1951 School Sports on the Rectory lawn – very successful.

2.7.1951 Parents Meeting to discuss final arrangements for the combined Parents and School expedition to the South Bank Exhibition and Festival Gardens.

5.7.1951 School closed. Festival of Britain. Outing to the South Bank Exhibition and Festival Gardens.

Left by train 8-25, arrived Waterloo via underground at 11-15. Returned 7-30 from Paddington and arrived at Winterbourne at 10 pm. A very successful day in every way. Remember Roger Vardy’s face – and his yell of excitement – using the escalator.

9.7.1951 Mrs Gale returns to duty.

10.7.1951 Chapel Outings – children absent.

13.7.1951 Peter Harrison. Joan Skidmore. Christine May.

These 3 children have secured places in Chipping Sodbury Grammar School.

15.7.1951 More School sports at the “Mount” British Legion Fete.

Meeting of certain Head Teachers at BBC Bristol to discuss Schools broadcasts. Head of this School attended.

25.7.1951 A Lot of children away on the annual Sunday School Outing.

27.7.1951 School closes for Summer holiday.

3.9.1951 School re-opened. Admitted 14 new children.

27 July Number on Roll 128

Transferred to Staple Hill 12

Transferred to Sodbury Grammar 3

On roll 3 Sep 113 children

Admitted 3 Sep 14

Total 127 4½ years to 11+

Staff: Alfred C Dunn, Headmaster.

Mrs L Thornton.

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